Take a moment with us

IHC invites you to Take a moment to get to know people with intellectual disabilities living in your community.

Take a moment with us, and be surprised and shocked, overjoyed and overwhelmed.

You'll be encouraged to think about what our communities could be like if we focussed on ability, not disability.

The people who feature in the exhibition come from all over New Zealand - children, young people and adults from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, and with different interests and abilities. See and hear their stories about being included and about being disabled.

For information about Take a moment with us, please contact Danette Wilson at ihc.events@ihc.org.nz or phone 04 471 6569.


Alexander Szydlowski works hard to achieve things his mates at school take for granted.

He has Down Syndrome and low vision but Alexander seems to come alive when he is outside on the trampoline, at the beach or the nearby native botanic garden. Alexander loves exploring the natural world.


Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie has wanted to be a father since he was 13. In March 2015 that dream was realised with the birth of Carmen.

Sunil and wife Jess met at an Enrich Plus programme for people with disabilities in Ruakura, near Hamilton, and they tell the story of how Sunil saw her sitting alone at lunchtime and didn’t want her to feel left out. So he came and sat with her. The couple married in 2014.


Another person featured is Michael Holdsworth. He lives and breathes sport. If he is not playing it, or training for it, he is watching it.

Michael swims and skis competitively and has been involved in the Special Olympics for more than 30 years.

Event details

Exhibition dates Monday 20 February - Friday 8 April 2023
Venue Take a moment with us Exhibition Gallery
  69 Willis Street
Opening hours 10am to 5pm Monday - Friday
  10am to 2pm Saturday
  Closed Sunday


For further information regarding Take a moment with us, please contact Danette Wilson at ihc.events@ihc.org.nz or 021 244 2697