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Creating multi-sensory environments : practical ideas for teaching and learning / by Christopher Davies
Davies, Christopher

"The revised edition of this highly practical guide to creating and using multi-sensory environments is packed full of ideas for low-cost, easy-to-assemble multi-sensory environments suitable ..."

Already doing it : intellectual disability and sexual agency / Michael Gill.
Gill, Michael Carl

"Why is the sexuality of people with intellectual disabilities often deemed 'risky' or 'inappropriate' by teachers, parents, support staff, medical professionals, judges, a..."

The capacity contract : intellectual disability and the question of citizenship / Stacy Clifford Simplican.
Simplican, Stacy Clifford,

"An unprecedented look at democratic theory’s disability exclusion and today’s self-advocacy movement."

Can I tell you about dyscalculia? : a guide for friends, family and professionals / Judy Hornigold ; illustrated by Joe Salerno.
Hornigold, Judy

"Dyscalculia is a learning difference affecting the ability to process numbers."

Alex learns that changes are OK
Hopper, Deb

"Alex loves school. He enjoys all the activities he does during the term such as swimming and soccer."

A mismatch of salience : explorations of the nature of autism from theory to practice / by Damien EM Milton.
Milton, Damian

"A Mismatch of Salience brings together a range of Damian Milton’s writings that span more than a decade."

What happens when someone has ADHD? / Katie Kawa.
Kawa, Katie

"Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder--commonly known as ADHD--is a relatively common disorder, but many misconceptions about it still exist."

You've got dragons / written by Kathryn Cole, illustrated by Nick Maland
Cave, Kathryn

"A young boy discovers that he has worries and fears that appear to him as dragons and shares what he learns about living with them."

Too sticky! : sensory issues with autism / Jen Malia ; illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff.
Malia, Jen

"With help from her family and teacher, Holly overcomes her dislike of having sticky hands to participate in a science experiment."

The sixth sense II / Carol Gray.
Gray, Carol,

"This unique and easy-to-use lesson plan was developed to share information about autism spectrum disorders with general education students, to explain behaviours that might otherwise be misin..."

Teaching children with autism to mind-read : the workbook / Julie A. Hadwin, Patricia Howlin, Simon Baron-Cohen.
Hadwin, Julie A

"The difficulties experienced by children with autism and related conditions in inferring the thoughts, beliefs, desires and intentions of others are well documented."

Using intensive interaction and sensory integration : a handbook for those who support people with severe autistic spectrum disorder
Caldwell, Phoebe

"People with severe autism experience the sensory information they receive from the world completely differently to those not on the spectrum."

Autism and me
Ironside, Haia

"This book is for autistic people. You can share this book with important people such as family and friends."

Trauma-informed care in intellectual disability: a self-study guide for health and social care support staff.
Frankish, Pat

"The guide covers the main topics of trauma-informed care via the theoretical positions of key researchers who have worked in either the field of psychotherapy or disability or both."

The way I see it : a personal look at autism / Temple Grandin ; foreword by Tony Attwood
Grandin, Temple

"In this fifth edition of the beloved classic book The Way I See It, Dr."

10 steps to reducing your child's anxiety on the autism spectrum : the CBT-based 'fun with feelings' parent manual / Michelle Garnett, Tony Attwood, Louise Ford, Julia Cook, Stefanie Runham.
Garnett, Michelle

"Recognising, expressing and understanding emotions helps young children make sense of their life experiences."

The selective mutism resource manual / Maggie Johnson & Alison Wintgens.
Johnson, Maggie,

"For anyone who needs to understand, assess or manage selective mutism, this is a comprehensive and practical manual that is grounded in behavioural psychology and anxiety management and draws..."

The legal rights of people with intellectual disabilities.
Bogard, Mel

"A book to inform caregivers, parents and advocates of the legal rights of people with an intellectual handicap."

It matters : lessons from my son / Janice Fialka.
Fialka, Janice

"A slight volume of musings, poetry and advice from the mother of a child with intellectual disability."

What matters: reflections on disability, community and love / Janice Fialka.
Fialka, Janice

"This is a collection of essays & poems written by a mother (and other family members) as they learned life lessons learning from their son who has a disability label--as he entered sc..."

The Final Choice : end of life suffering : Is assisted dying the answer? / Caralise Trayes.
Trayes, Caralise

"A Kiwi journalist on the hunt for the truth about assisted dying and the End of Life Choice Act."

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