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Our Library is free to use and open to anyone living in New Zealand. We have information on all aspects of intellectual disability, autism and other developmental disabilities built up over many years.

Latest Books

Music therapy and autism across the lifespan : a spectrum of approaches / edited by Henry Dunn, Elizabeth Coombes, Emma Maclean, Helen Mottram and Josie Nugent.
Dunn, Henry

"The combination of music and relationship work in person-centred approaches supports the three main areas of difficulty autistic people experience: social interaction, communication and imagi..."

My body! what I say goes!
Sanders, Jayneen

"The crucial skills taught in this book will help children to protect their bodies from inappropriate touch."

Guide to intellectual disabilities : a clinical handbook / Julie P. Gentile, Allison E. Cowan, David W. Dixon - Editors
Gentile, Julie P

"This book covers a curriculum of topics for treating patients with co-occurring intellectual disabilities and mental illness, better known as dual diagnosis (DD)."

Such a pretty girl : a story of struggle, empowerment, and disability pride / Nadina LaSpina.
LaSpina, Nadina

"Such a Pretty Girl is Nadina LaSpina's story--from her early years in her native Sicily, where still a baby she contracts polio, a fact that makes her the object of well-meaning pity and the t..."

Education and girls on the autism spectrum : developing an integrated approach / edited by Judith Hebron and Caroline Bond.
Hebron, Judith

"Addressing the gender gap in the understanding of autism, this book takes a multi-perspective examination of the key issues in education for girls with autism."

The autism language launcher : a parent's guide to helping your child turn sounds and words into simple conversations / Kate Wilde, foreword by Samahria Lyte Kaufman
Wilde, Kate C

"The Autism Language Launcher gives you something totally new: a step-by-step guide that ignites language lift-off by using methods such as tapping into your child's innate intelligence, ..."

Managing meltdowns and tantrums on the autism spectrum : a parent and caregiver's guide / Jenna Ward-Hawkes and Melissa Rodi.
Ward-Hawkes, Jenna

"This book is ideal for parents and carers of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) aged 2 - 9 (and potentially older depending on developmental level), who are looking for guidance and..."

Grandparenting the children of addicted parents : experiences and wisdom for kinship carers / edited by Janet Bujra with the Grandparents Group ; foreword by Nigel Priestley ; afterword by Caroline Archer.
Bujra, Janet

"This is an accessible book on grandparenting children in cases where grandparents have become legally responsible for parenting a child in their family, often due to parental drug misuse or mental ..."

Valuing profoundly disabled people: fellowship, community and ties of birth / John Vorhaus
Vorhaus, John

"Growing numbers of babies are surviving into infancy and beyond with profound and multiple learning difficulties and disabilities."

Autism : a new introduction to psychological theory and current debate / Sue Fletcher-Watson and Francesca Happe.
Fletcher-Watson, Sue

"Based on Francesca Happé’s best-selling textbook, Autism: An Introduction to Psychological Theory, this completely new edition provides a concise overview of contemporary psychological theori..."

Being you is enough : and other important stuff / written and illustrated by Josh Langley.
Langley, Josh

"What are the most important things a kid should know? It's okay to be different, no-one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes are just a few of them."

It's OK to feel the way you do : otherwise you wouldn't be you! / written and illustrated by Josh Langley.
Langley, Josh

"Everyone has feelings. Sometimes we just don't know what to do with them! Happy, sad, lonely, angry, anxious, proud, scared - they're all feelings and emotions and they're all OK!..."

Mental Capacity Law in New Zealand
Reuvecamp, Iris.

"Mental Capacity Law in New Zealand is a comprehensive text on the legal position of people who lack capacity, in many different contexts, including their position regarding health care, resid..."

Overcoming school refusal : a practical guide for teachers, counsellors, caseworkers and parents / Joanne Garfi.
Garfi, Joanne

"School refusal affects up to 5% of children and is a complex and stressful issue for the child, their family and school."

Know me form my ability NOT my disability: Jack and George's story of inclusion / By Kevin Valido
Valido, Kevin

"One summer, best friends, Jack and George, decided to go to summer camp together."

What's the buzz? for primary students : a social and emotional enrichment programme / Mark Le Messurier and Madhavi Nawana Parker.
Le Messurier, Mark

"What's the Buzz? is an internationally renowned series of programmes designed to help children and young people develop social and emotional awareness."

Speak up and get along! : learn the mighty might, thought chop, and more tools to make friends, stop teasing, and feel good about yourself / written by Scott Cooper, illustrated by Joelle Driedemy
Cooper, Scott

"What if every kid had a handy toolbox of ways to get along with others?..."

How do I teach this kid to read? Teaching literacy skills to young children with autism, from phonics to fluency / Kimberley A Henry
Henry, Kimberley A

"Reading is so much more than reciting words on a page!..."

Coping skills for kids workbook : over 75 coping strategies to help kids deal with stress, anxiety and anger / by Janine Halloran
Halloran, Janine

"The Coping Skills Workbook is an excellent resource for parents (and educators) who want to help the children in their lives learn important, timeless skills for self-soothing."

The sensory detective curriculum : discovering sensory processing and how it supports attention, focus & regulation skills / Paula Aquilla, Alexi Edelstein ; with Paula Riczker.
Aquilla, Paula

"Understanding our sensory processing ability helps us to understand our likes, dislikes, and regulation style. i.e.: the strategies we use to help keep ourselves in a calm, alert state."

TaSSeLs : tactile signing for Sensory Learners / Joe Woodall and Denise Charnock.
Woodall, Joe

"For those with profound and complex learning disabilities, traditional approaches to communication and learning need to be creatively adapted to ensure they meet individual needs."

Go away, Mr Worrythoughts! / Nicky Johnston.
Johnston, Nicky,

""This is a children's picture story book about a boy who learns how to manage/cope and live with anxiety."--Provided by publisher."

Aroha's way : a children's guide through emotions / Craig Phillips
Phillips, Craig,

""Come along on a journey with Aroha as she wards off nervousness, fear, worrying thoughts and apprehension, with simple, yet effective tools that everyone can use" - Back cover."

The Art activity manual : a groupwork resource
Cropley, Marylyn

"Contains fifteen art session plans, that have three options for each session. Enables group members to explore and discover their own level of artistic skills, creative styles and preferences."

What is it like to be me? : a book about a boy with Asperger's syndrome / Alenka Klemenc, contributions by Brranka D. Jurisic and Katarina Kimpan Erzar, Foreword by Tony Attwood, Illustrations by Ursa Rozic
Klemenc, Alenka

"I strongly recommend this enchanting book for parents, family members (especially grandparents and siblings) and professionals such as teachers, who can quickly learn and appreciate the chara..."

Autism : a new introduction to psychological theory and current debate / Sue Fletcher-Watson and Francesca Happe.
Fletcher-Watson, Sue

"Based on Francesca Happé’s best-selling textbook, Autism: An Introduction to Psychological Theory, this completely new edition provides a concise overview of contemporary psychological theori..."

Catatonia, shutdown and breakdown in autism : a psycho-ecological approach / Amitta Shah ; foreword by Judith Gould.
Shah, Amitta

"This ground-breaking book provides the first detailed clinical analysis of the various manifestations of catatonia, shutdown and breakdown in autistic individuals, with a new assessment frame..."

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