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Our Library is free to use and open to anyone living in New Zealand. We have information on all aspects of intellectual disability, autism and other developmental disabilities built up over many years.

Latest Books

Experiences of adults following an autism diagnosis
Hens, Kristien

"This book explores adult experiences of autism diagnosis."

Out of the shadows : the untold story of people with autism or learning disabilities / Polly Braden & Sally Williams
Braden, Polly

"The story of people with learning disabilities and/or autism who are in the criminal justice system is often told in figures."

Beyond words : using paralanguage to communicate effectively / Pat Crissey.
Crissey, Pat,

"The ability to understand nonverbal communication is essential for successful social interactions. If we don’t know what is being communicated, how can we respond appropriately?..."

Systematic instruction of functional skills for students and adults with disabilities / by Keith Storey and Craig Miner
Storey, Keith,

"This book provides an overview of systematic instructional strategies and is written in a format so that teachers and other service providers can immediately put the information to use."

Case studies in special education : a social justice perspective / edited by Tera Torres and Catherine R. Barber
Torres, Tera

"Although special education services are vastly better today than they were in the early years of public education, current policies and practices continue to result in the under-education of ..."

The ADHD toolkit
Wheeler, Linda

"The ADHD Toolkit offers an extremely well researched guide to understanding and supporting students with ADHD in schools."

Simple stuff to get kids self-regulating in school : awesome and in control lesson plans, worksheets and strategies for learning / Lauren Brukner and Lauren Liebstein Singer.
Brukner, Lauren

"Packed with photocopiable lesson plans and tried and tested strategies, this illustrated guide is the ideal companion for teachers and therapists wishing to help kindergarten and elementary school ..."

The way I act / verses by Steve Metzger ; illustrations by Janan Cain.
Metzger, Steve

"Rhyming text and color illustrations introduce young readers to ways in which children exemplify positive behaviors."

Train your angry dragon / Steve Herman.
Herman, Steve

""Andrew explains the unique problems involved in having a dragon for a pet--particularly the dangers that an angry dragon poses."--Publisher's description."

An introduction to autism for adoptive and foster families : how to understand and help your child / Katie Hunt and Helen Rodwell ; foreword by Daniel Hughes.
Hunt, Katie

"Written for busy foster carers and adoptive parents, this book provides a concise introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and how to support a child with a diagnosis."

My autism book : a child's guide to their autism spectrum diagnosis
Dura-Vila, Gloria

"This beautifully illustrated picture book will help to explain an autism diagnosis to your child in a sensitive, positive and accurate way."

Teaching Authentic Cooking Skills to Adults With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities : Active Engagement / Janice Goldschmidt.
Goldschmidt, Janice

"Janice Goldschmidt's book walks us systematically through steps needed to develop cooking skills as a way to foster independence and autonomy in adults with intellectual and developmenta..."

Alzheimer's disease and dementia : what everyone needs to know / Steven R. Sabat.
Sabat, Steven R.

"Sabat provides information about Alzheimer's and other dementia diseases, and also discusses the psychological and social strengths possessed by people diagnosed."

The activity kit for babies and toddlers at risk : how to use everyday routines to build social and communication skills / Deborah Fein, Molly Helt, Lynn Brennan, Marianne Barton.
Fein, Deborah

"Suspecting that your baby or toddler may have autism spectrum disorder or another developmental delay can be scary and overwhelming."

All because of Henry : Nuala Gardner. My story of struggle and triumph with two autistic children and the dogs that unlocked their world /
Gardner, Nuala

"'All Because of Henry' picks up the lead from 'A Friend Like Henry', which traced the childhood journey of Dale, the Gardner family and, of course, their amazing golden retrieve..."

Tackling selective mutism : a guide for professionals and parents / edited by Benita Rae Smith and Alice Sluckin ; foreword by Jean Gross.
Smith, Benita Rae

"Bringing together the latest research and understanding on selective mutism, this edited book gives essential information on the various treatment and therapy options."

Marvin's monster diary : ADHD attacks! (but I rock it, big time) / by Dr. Raun Melmed ; with Annette Sexton & Jeff Harvey, illustrator.
Melmed, Raun

"Meet Marvin, a lovable monster with a twelve-stringed baby fang guitar, a rambunctious case of ADHD, and a diary to record it all."

Will you be my friend? / Molly Potter ; illustrated by Sarah Jennings.
Potter, Molly

"Good friends are important to us all - and for young children, making friends is especially significant."

What's worrying you? / Molly Potter ; illustrated by Sarah Jennings.
Potter, Molly

"We all have worries now and then, but sometimes worries can feel like they're getting bigger and bigger, like you can't control them any more. What do you do then?..."

Making sense of the madness : an FASD survival guide / Jeff Noble and Tara Soucie.
Noble, Jeff

"Jeff thought he knew all about FASD until he started parenting a teenager with it!..."

Defining autism : a guide to brain, biology, and behavior / Emily L. Casanova and Manuel F. Casanova.
Casanova, Emily L.

"Drawing on the most up-to-date research on autism, this incisive book argues that while there are different causes and variations of autism, there is in fact one biological autism."

The worst day of my life ever! / written by Julia Cook ; illustrated by Kelsey De Weerd.
Cook, Julia,

"Shows readers the steps to the fundamental social skills of listening and following instructions. When the hero, RJ, learns to use these skills the right way, he has the best day of his life."

Bobby and Mandee's too safe for strangers / by Robert Kahn ; illustrated by Sue Lynn Cotton.
Kahn, Robert,

"Most children, especially children on the autism spectrum, accept adults' friendliness at face value. Sometimes it can have tragic consequences."

Bobby and Mandee's too smart for bullies / by Robert Kahn and Sharon Chandler ; illustrated by Sue Lynn Cotton.
Kahn, Robert,

"Bullies, Beware! This little book is going to have a big impact! In this moral-driven story, Mandee tells big brother Bobby how a bully took all her money."

Learn to have fun with your senses : the sensory avoider's survival guide / John Taylor ; illustrations by Lynda Farrington Wilson.
Taylor, John F.,

"Provides children whose brains react inappropriately to sensory messages and their families with information on the condition and exercises to help improve their ability to use their senses to func..."

Temple talks ... about autism and sensory issues : the world's leading expert on autism shares her advice and experiences / Dr. Temple Grandin.
Grandin, Temple,

"Have you ever wanted to talk to Temple about the sensory issues she has dealt with?..."

Autism and employment : raising your child with foundational skills for the future / Lisa Tew, Diane Zajac
Tew, Lisa

"Studies show that individuals with autism spectrum disorder are less likely than their peers to achieve and maintain employment as adults..."

How to communicate with someone who has dementia : a guide for carers / Angela Caughey.
Caughey, Angela,

"When carers and the people they care for engage in good communication, frustrations and stress are minimised."

Hey warrior / Karen Young ; illustrated by Norvile Dovidonyte.
Young, Karen

"Kids can do amazing things with the right information. Understanding why anxiety feels the way it does and where the physical symptoms come from is a powerful step in turning anxiety around."

How to poop everyday / Steve Herman
Herman, Steve

"A boy is encouraged to develop healthy habits by using the potty when the urge arises."

Making A Splash / by Rosemary Scully.
Scully, Rosemary,

"Following the international movement, disability rights in New Zealand began to gain momentum in the early 1980s."

The Way I am is Different : A Children’s Book about a boy with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder / Helen Simpson
Simpson, Helen

"In this children's book, a boy with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is about to embark on his third grade year."

The littlest inventor / written by Mandi C. Mathis ; illustrated by Danielle Ragogna.
Mathis, Mandi C.

"A boy with sensory issues figures out a way to get through grocery shopping by inventing resources and tools that make the trip fun."

Engaging in community music : An introduction / Lee Higgins and Lee Willingham
Willingham, Lee

"[This book] focuses on the processes involved in designing, initiating, executing and evaluating community music practices."

Asperger's syndrome and anxiety : by Alis Rowe. Understanding challenging behaviour /
Rowe, Alis,

"Many of the behaviours demonstrated by autistic people are commonly described as being 'challenging'."

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