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Latest Books

The way I see it : a personal look at autism & Asperger's / Temple Grandin
Grandin, Temple

"In this innovative book, Dr Temple Grandin gets down to the REAL issues of autism, the ones parents, teachers and individuals on the spectrum face every day."

Maybugs and mortality : a different perspective on living and ageing.
Caldwell, Phoebe

"Maybugs and Mortality draws a comparison between the shared life-cycles and mortality of the human and maybug."

Responsive Communication : combining attention to sensory issues with using body language .
Caldwell, Phoebe

"Responsive Communication is a groundbreaking new book which has been put together by a team of authors led by Phoebe Caldwell, who during her long-time practice in this field has found some u..."

The FRIEND program for creating supportive peer networks for students with social challenges, including autism / Sharman Ober-Reynolds, Christopher J. Smith and Lori Vincent ; with Holly Sokol and Sheri S. Dollin.
Ober-Reynolds, Sharman

"FRIEND is a social, communication and play-based program to help school-aged children with social challenges."

Autism in adulthood / Susan Lowinger, Shiri Pearlman-Avnion editors
Lowinger, Susan

"This book evaluates how autism is experienced and addressed in four areas critical to the developmental phase of adulthood: self-awareness, individuality, comprehensive support systems, and t..."

Supporting the emotional well-being of children and young people with learning disabilities : a whole school approach / Mark Fox, Tom Laverty, and Sanchita Chowdhury.
Fox, Mark,

"This highly practical resource provides schools for children with severe and complex learning disabilities with a framework to support their well-being and mental health."

Thinking, reasoning, and decision making in autism / edited by Kinga Morsanyi and Ruth M J Byrne.
Morsanyi, Kinga

"Thinking, Reasoning and Decision Making in Autism is the first collection to provide insight into the cognitive processes that underlie typical characteristics of autism."

Diary of a dyslexic school kid / Alais Winton and Zac Millard ; Illustrated by Joe Salerno.
Winton, Alais

"Experience day-to-day life for a dyslexic kid, including school life, bullying and coping with tests and homework, in this frank and funny diary."

Dude, that's rude! : (get some manners) / by Pamela Espeland & Elizabeth Verdick ; illustrated by Steve Mark.
Espeland, Pamela,

"Identifying good manners as an important social skill, this guide describes proper etiquette in such situations as being home with other family members, having a conversation, eating in the school ..."

Inclusive education for autistic children : helping children and young people to learn and flourish in the classroom / Rebecca Wood ; foreword by Wenn B. Lawson ; illustrated by Sonny Hallett
Wood, Rebecca

"This book presents original, empirical research that reframes how educators should consider autism and educational inclusion."

Sex and relationships education for young people and adults with intellectual disabilities and autism / Kelly Asagba, Jan Burns and Sophie Doswell, illustrated by Adrian Asagba
Asagba, Kelly

"[This book] provides practical guidance for professionals working with, and parents or carers of, people with co-occurring autism and intellectual disabilities, on how to deliver and adapt se..."

Bird's eye view : stories of a life lived in health care stories of a life lived in health care / Sue Robins
Robins, Sue

"Bird’s Eye View is a compelling book of stories sharing a life lived in health care [firstly as a health administrator and writer, secondly as the mother of a child with Down syndrome and thi..."

What your child on the spectrum really needs : advice from 12 autistic adults / Jenna Gensic.
Gensic, Jenna

"This information is especially important to parents and caregivers of autistic children who may not realize how their vigorous attempts to do what is "best" for their children are actuall..."

Hey awesome / Karen Young ; illustrated by Norvile Dovidonyte.
Young, Karen

"If kids with anxiety could see their strengths, they would feel so much bigger than their anxiety."

Healthy mindsets for little kids : a resilience programme to help children aged 5-9 with anger, anxiety, attachment, body image, conflict, discipline, empathy and self-esteem / Stephanie Azri ; illustrated by Sid Azri.
Azri, Stephanie,

"This flexible, early-intervention programme utilises hands-on activities and worksheets to address behaviour issues and teach core resilience skills in children aged 5-9."

The lost years : From Levin Farm Mental Deficiency Colony to Kimberley Centre / Anne Hunt
Hunt, Anne

"A history of Kimberley Centre in Levin, a psychopaedic institution for people with an intellectual disability, and the stories of those who have lived and worked there."

Naturalistic developmental behavioral interventions for autism spectrum disorder / edited by Yvonne Bruinsma, Mendy B. Minjarez, Laura Schreibman, and Aubyn C. Stahmer.
Bruinsma, Yvonne

"This book is the first to offer a comprehensive overview of Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions (NDBI), which are evidence-based interventions that integrate both behavioral a..."

101 positive steps toward employment with autism : social skills for the workplace / Lisa Tew.
Tew, Lisa

"This book is for parents and professionals who are guiding adolescents and young adult children with high functioning autism or Asperger's toward employment and independence"--Amazo..."

Self-regulation & mindfulness : over 82 exercises & worksheets for sensory processing disorder, ADHD & autism spectrum disorder / By Varleisha Gibbs
Gibbs, Varleisha D

"This book provides a unique, evidence-based resource for helping children who have trouble self-regulating, staying focused, managing their senses and controlling their emotions, based on the lates..."

The Perfect Project : A book about Autism / Written by Tracy Pakiam Alloway, Illustrated by Ana Sanfelippo
Packiam Alloway, Tracy

"When Charlie’s class has to do a class project on trains, can he use his SEN Superpowers to help his group get the job done?..."

Reach : support for living an ordinary life : service review.
Warren, Sally

"First launched by Paradigm in 2002, Reach was developed to ensure that there were clear standards for supported living."

Reach : support for living an ordinary life : it's my life manual / Sally Warren, Alicia Wood and Sarah Maguire.
Warren, Sally,

"Reach defines what support for living is through a set of 11 standrads and helps to ensure people receive, or are moving towards, support for living their ordinary life."

We've got a life : how people with learning difficulties have discovered who they are and claimed back their lives / Sue Deeley, Julie Smith, Pat Black and Andy Smith
Deeley, Susan J.,

"This book sets out to show what makes a difference when supporting people with learning difficulties. A book about Hope, Love, Moving forward, Growth and Healing."

Observing legislative processes: implementation of the CRPD : research report / Alexander Lamplmayr, Eva Nachtschatt.
Lamplmayr, Alexander

"The main focus of the project was the evaluation of the involvement of persons with disabilities in the processes of implementing the CRPD into domestic law and their involvement in the monit..."

Child protection: Guidance : including children with disabilities in humanitarian action : preparedness, response and early recovery, recovery and reconstruction.

"This document provides practical tips and offers entry points for making sure that humanitarian action takes children with disabilities into account."

General guidance : including children with disabilities in humanitarian action : preparedness, response and early recovery, recovery and reconstruction.

"This document provides practical tips and offers entry points for making sure that humanitarian action takes children with disabilities into account."

Because you are my friend / illustrated by Adele Jackson for the Epilepsy Association NZ (Inc.).

"Introduces children to epilepsy, explaining the effects of the illness and what they should do if they see another child having an epileptic fit."

Off to a good start. Book 2, Teaching programs : a behaviorally based model for teaching children with Down syndrome / Emily A. Jones and Kathleen M. Feeley
Feeley, Kathleen M

"If you're the parent, teacher, or therapist of a young child with Down syndrome, you should know that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), the evidence-based, gold-standard method for teachi..."

Parenting a child with sensory processing disorder: a family guide to understanding and supporting your sensory-sensitive child
Auer, Christopher R

"Describes the symptoms of SPD and offers an overview of what it means to live with and care for a child with the condition."

Teaching social communication to children with Autism & other developmental delays : the project impact manual for parents / Brooke Ingersoll and Anna Dvortcsak
Ingersoll, Brooke

"For young children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and others who have challenges in interacting and communicating, early intervention is key--and parents can play a vital role."

Raising Martians from crash-landing to leaving home : how to help a child with Asperger syndrome or high-functioning autism
Muggleton, Joshua

"Joshua Muggleton knows from personal experience what it is like to grow up feeling like 'a Martian marooned on planet Earth'."

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