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Our Library is free to use and open to anyone living in New Zealand. We have information on all aspects of intellectual disability, autism and other developmental disabilities built up over many years.

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Tourette syndrome : 10 secrets to a happier life : Tourette treatment tips / edited by Michael S. Okun M.D..
Okun, Michael S.

"This book offers individuals with Tourette and their families many secrets that can lead them to a better life."

To be gifted & learning disabled : strength-based strategies for helping twice-exceptional students with LD, ADHD, ASD, and more / Susan M. Baum, Robin M. Schader, and Steven V. Owen
Baum, Susan M.

"This updated third edition provides a comprehensive look at the complex world of students with remarkable gifts, talents, and interests, who simultaneously face learning, attention, or social chall..."

Asperger's syndrome : meltdowns and shutdowns / by Alis Rowe.
Rowe, Alis,

"Meltdowns and shutdowns can be very confusing and painful for the loved one and devastatingly frightening and painful for the person with ASD."

Asperger's syndrome in 8-11 year olds : Insight and strategies for parents of children with autism spectrum disorders / Alis Rowe
Rowe, Alis

"A valuable and comprehensive guide for parennts and teachers of children on the autism spectrum aged 8-11 (or younger or older, depending on the child's emotional development level)."

Asperger's syndrome in 5-8 year olds : insight and strategies for parents of young children with autism spectrum disorders / Alis Rowe
Rowe, Alis

"Children in this age group have specific challenges such as: wearing the same clothes day in and day out, preferring to play on their own rather than with their friends, and having unusual la..."

Asperger's syndrome : helping siblings / Alis Rowe.
Rowe, Alis,

"Children are all unique."

Library services for youth with autism spectrum disorders / Lesley S.J. Farmer.
Farmer, Lesley S. J.

"Youths with ASDs exhibit several communication issues and delays. Some gain language skills; others display disabilities that hinder basic library skills."

Programming for children and teens with autism spectrum disorder / Barbara Klipper.
Klipper, Barbara

"There are families with ASD in every community, and with a very little effort they may well become your most loyal and ardent supporters."

Teaching physical education to pupils with special needs : practical games, activities and ideas / John Morris.
Morris, John

"John Morris's experience has enabled him to design and implement inclusive opportunities for development and participation in sport and leisure for all those with special educational nee..."

Integrating intensive interaction : developing communication practice in services for children and adults with severe learning difficulties, profound and multiple learning difficulties and autism / Edited by Amandine Mouriere and Jules McKim.
Mouriere, Amandine

"This unique book features a collection of lively stories on the integration of Intensive Interaction practice into schools and adult service settings."

Autism and Asperger syndrome in adults / Dr Luke Beardon.
Beardon, Luke

"An up to date overview of autism and Asperger syndrome in adults. There are many hugely intelligent, insightful, kind, caring, loyal, skilled autistic individuals."

Teeth are not for biting / by Elizabeth Verdick ; illustrated by Marieka Heinlen.
Verdick, Elizabeth

"Teeth are for smiling, not biting! This book invites children to discover better ways to cope with frustration, mouth aches and pains or upset feelings."

Going to the doctor / Anne Civardi ; illustrated by Stephen Cartwright.
Civardi, Anne

"Mrs. Jay takes her children to the doctor for different reasons but they all get good medical care."

Hand it over, Harry : don't steal / Sarah Eason.
Eason, Sarah

"Doing the right thing isn't always easy! You Choose characters find themselves in tricky situations in which they could make a number of choices - but which is the right one?..."

Sometimes noise is big : life with autism / Angela Coelho ; illustrated by Camille Robertson.
Coelho, Angela

"What would life be like if the world was too noisy for your eyes, or your clothes always felt too itchy?..."

Ricky sticky fingers / written by Julia Cook ; illustrations by Michelle Hazelwood Hyde.
Cook, Julia,

"Meet Ricky! A cute little boy that just can't seem to figure out that stealing is wrong."

Vaccines : what everyone needs to know / Kristen A. Feemster.
Feemster, Kristen A.

"Immunization is regarded by many as one of the greatest advances in modern civilization."

30 years of social change / edited by Stephen Jones, foreword by Jessica Kingsley
Jones, Stephen

"Marking Jessice Kingsley Publishers' 30th year of publishing books on social and behavioural issues, this book gathers together over 30 leading thinkers from diverse disciplines - from a..."

Starving the anger gremlin for children aged 5-9 : a cognitive behavioural therapy workbook on anger management / Kate Collins-Donnelly.
Collins-Donnelly, Kate

"Help children to understand and manage their anger with this fun and imaginative workbook. The Anger Gremlin is a naughty creature and his favourite food is your anger!..."

Starving the exam stress gremlin : a cognitive behavioural therapy workbook on managing exam stress for young people / Kate Collins-Donnelly.
Collins-Donnelly, Kate

"When exam time comes around, the exam stress gremlin is in his element, feeding off your exam fears and anxieties."

The ASD feel better book : a visual guide to help brain and body for children on the autism spectrum / Joel Shaul.
Shaul, Joel

"Learn to build individual strengths and work through problems with this picture-based guide for children with ASD aged 7-14."

Sorry, I forgot to ask! / written by Julia Cook ; illustrated by Kelsey De Weerd.
Cook, Julia,

"Shows readers how to do a better job of asking for permission, and making an apology. RJ learns that using these skills means a lot fewer trips to the "time-out" chair."

Cell phoney / written by Julia Cook ; illustrated by Anita Dufalla.
Cook, Julia,

"Uses a story format to introduce factual information."

But it's just a game / written by Julia Cook ; illustrated by Michelle Hazelwood Hyde.
Cook, Julia,

"Meet Jasper! A young boy who is totally absorbed with playing video games. Video game addiction is on the rise, but it can be prevented."

Pete won't eat / by Emily Arnold McCully.
McCully, Emily Arnold

"Pete the pig does not want to eat his slop, but cannot go out to play with his brother and sisters until he does."

Eat up, Gemma / Sarah Hayes ; illustrated by Jan Ormerod.
Hayes, Sarah,

"Baby gemma refuses to eat. She throws her breakfast on the floor, plays with her food, feeds her biscuits to the birds and even gives her dinner to the dog."

Eat up, Max and Millie / Felicity Brooks ; illustrated by Desideria Guicciardini ; designed by Hanri van Wyk
Brooks, Felicity

"This is a delightful series for the very young, with simple, humorous stories encouraging good behaviour and good manners."

Tales for very picky eaters / Josh Schneider.
Schneider, Josh,

"A father tells outlandish stories while trying to get his young son, who is a very picky eater, to eat foods he thinks he will not like."

Outsmarting worry : an older kid's guide to managing anxiety / Dawn Huebner ; illustrated by Kara McHale.
Huebner, Dawn

"This easy to follow illustrated book from a best-selling author presents strategies for 9-13 year olds with anxiety."

Of course it's a big deal! : a story about learning to react calmly and appropriately / written by Bryan Smith ; illustrated by LIsa M. Griffin.
Smith, Bryan

"Braden delivers drama to every minor misunderstanding, grievance and annoyance in his life!..."

Mindset matters / written by Byran Smith ; illustrated by Lisa Griffin.
Smith, Bryan

"At the first sign of trouble, Amelia frets she's a failure. But she soon learns that success has many definitions."

The dyscalculia toolkit : supporting learning difficulties in maths / Ronit Bird.
Bird, Ronit

"This book helps teachers and parents support learners with dyscalculia or those struggling with mathematics and includes editable pupil tracking sheets organized by teaching point and section, 10 v..."

It just doesn't add up : explaining dyscalculia and overcoming number problems for children and adults / Paul Moorcraft.
Moorcraft, Paul

"This is the very first book to explain dyscalculia - maths disabilities - by an acute dyscalculic. Perhaps up to five per cent of the population in the US and UK suffer from the condition."

My family's changing : a first look at family break up / Pat Thomas ; illustrated by Lesley Harker.
Thomas, Pat,

"This unusual picture book for younger children explores the issue of divorce."

When my parents forgot how to be friends / Jennifer Moore-Mallinos ; illustrated by Marta Fabrega.
Moore-Mallinos, Jennifer

"Discusses the feelings and concerns that frequently accompany divorce and other family problems."

Living with mum and living with dad : my two homes / Melanie Walsh.
Walsh, Melanie

"Mum and Dad don't live together any more, so sometimes this little girl lives with her mum and her cat, and sometimes she lives with her dad."

What in the world do you do when your parents divorce? : a survival guide for kids / Kent Winchester and Roberta Beyer ; edited by Elizabeth Verdick.
Winchester, Kent

"Attempts to help children deal with the emotional trauma and logistical changes they may experience when their parents divorce."

Divorce and the special needs child : a guide for parents / Margaret "Pegi" Price.
Price, Margaret S.

"This book takes a comprehensive look at every aspect of the legal divorce process, and addresses the legal issues that divorcing parents of children with special needs face."

Maltreatment of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities / John R. Lutzker, Kate Guastaferro, and Megan L. Benka-Coker, editors.
Lutzker, John R.,

"This comprehensive and compelling work presents research and evidence-based strategies related to the maltreatment of people with IDD across the lifespan."

The essential guide to successful secondary school : a guide for teachers and families of students with ASD.
Larkey, Sue


All about sex
O'Connel, Helena

"[This book] is for people with intellectual disability and the people who support them."

All about sex
O'Connel, Helena

"[This book] is for people with intellectual disability and the people who support them."

Personal Space Camp / written by Julia Cook ; illustrated by Carrie Hartman.
Cook, Julia,

"Although Louis knows a lot about outer space, the young boy finds himself sent to Principal Goodkid's office to attend Personal Space Camp after his teacher loses her patience with his behavio..."

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