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Latest Books

Caillou meets Sophie : a story about autism / text, Kim Thompson ; illustrations, Mario Allard.
Thompson, Kim,

"While playing at the park, Caillou meets Sophie, an autistic girl."

Asperger's children : the origins of autism in Nazi Vienna / Edith Sheffer.
Sheffer, Edith

"Presents an exploration of the sobering history behind Asperger's Syndrome that reveals child psychiatrist Hans Asperger's influence by Nazi psychiatry and his use of one of the Reich..."

Authoring autism : on rhetoric and neurological queerness / Melanie Yergeau.
Yergeau, Melanie,

"In Authoring Autism Melanie Yergeau defines neurodivergence as an identity--neuroqueerness--rather than an impairment."

Autism : a new introduction to psychological theory and current debate / Sue Fletcher-Watson and Francesca Happe.
Fletcher-Watson, Sue

"Based on Francesca Happé’s best-selling textbook, Autism: An Introduction to Psychological Theory, this completely new edition provides a concise overview of contemporary psychological theori..."

Care work : dreaming disability justice / Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha.
Piepzna-Samarasinha, Leah Lakshmi,

"Leah Piepzna-Samarasinha is a poet and essayist whose most recent book, the memoir Dirty River, was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award and the Publishing Triangle's Judy Grahn Award ..."

Simple autism strategies for home and school : practical tips, resources and poetry / Sarah Cobbe ; foreword by Glenys Jones.
Cobbe, Sarah

"I commissioned this book as the author has collated lots of easy to access advice and tips on how to support children with autism at home and at school."

Anxiety and phobias / Carrie Iorizzo.
Iorizzo, Carrie

"Anxiety disorders, such as phobias, panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder are the most common group of mental illnesses in the United States."

Autism spectrum disorder / Marguerite Rodger.
Rodger, Marguerite

"Autism Spectrum Disorder is a term used to describe a group of developmental disorders that include autism, Asperger Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, and others."

Numicon : homework activities intervention resource

"The Numicon Homework Activities are designed to enable children to practice at home what they are learning in school."

Ouch! moments : when words are used in hurtful ways / by Michael Genhart, illustrated by Viviana Garofoli.
Genhart, Michael

"Explains 'ouch moments' in kid-friendly terms, offers practical strateggies for what kids can do to help, and empowers kids to stand up to mean and hurtful language." - BOOK JA..."

Stickley makes a mistake! : a frog's guide to trying again / by Brenda S. Miles, illustrated by Steve Mack.
Miles, Brenda

"With help from his grandpa, Stickley the frog, who hates making mistakes, learns to say "oh well," hop up, and try again when mistakes happen."

Self-soothing : coping with everyday and extraordinary stress : a resource for individual and group work with children and adults / Gerrilyn Smith
Smith, Gerrilyn

"The new edition of best-selling manual Self-soothing (2nd Edition) provides a range of self-soothing techniques that can be used by children and adults to combat everyday and extraordinary st..."

How do you see the world? Develop greater ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes and enjoy more successful relationships
Rowe, Alis

"Empathy might be the deepest way we can connect with other people. Having empathy begins with recognising another person's point of view."

Asperger's syndrome and eating habits : for autistic individuals, parents, and anyone working with autistic adults or autistic children / by Alis Rowe
Rowe, Alis

"This guide looks at some of the difficulties associated with eating for people on the autistic spectrum and gives suggestions on how to help."

Belonging : rethinking inclusive practices to support well-being and identity / edited by Annie Guerin and Trish McMenamin.
Guerin, Annie

"In Belonging: Rethinking Inclusive Practices to Support Well-Being and Identity, issues related to inclusive education and belonging across a range of education contexts from early childhood ..."

Reading and learning difficulties : approaches to teaching and assessment / Peter Westwood.
Westwood, Peter Stuart,

"The 2nd edition of Peter Westwood's best-selling Reading and Learning Difficulties addresses recent initiatives around the teaching of reading, the value of a phonics-based approach, and..."

Teaching and learning difficulties : a cross-curricular approach / Peter Westwood.
Westwood, Peter Stuart,

"This book provides guidance to teaching students that encounter difficulties in a number of learning areas, including science, social studies, history, geography and environmental education."

Communication skills for effective dementia care : a practical guide to communication and interaction training (CAIT) / written and edited by Ian Andrew James and Laura Gibbons.
James, Ian Andrew,

"Effective communication is critical for everyone, and this insightful book teaches the skills needed by healthcare staff in their day-to-day interactions with people with dementia and their familie..."

Ten things every child with autism wishes you knew / Ellen Notbohm.
Notbohm, Ellen

"One of the autism community's most beloved classics, Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew has informed, delighted, and guided millions of families and professionals the world ove..."

Anxiety management for kids on the autism spectrum : your guide to preventing meltdowns and unlocking potential / Christopher Lynch
Lynch, Christopher

"The anxiety levels commonly found in children with autism affect social skills, memory, learning, and attention span—and often lead to meltdowns."

Conversation club : teaching children with autism spectrum disorder and other social cognition challenges to engage in successful conversations with peers : instructor manual / Lynn Cannon, Joanna Clark, Courtney Kornblum, Eve Muller, Michal Powers ; char
Cannon, Lynn

"This curriculum offers an innovative, data-based method of teaching both the "how" and "why" of conversation to students with high-functioning autism and other social cognition ..."

Rett syndrome / edited by Walter E Kaufmann with Alan K Percy, Angus Clarke , Helen Leonard and Sakkubai Naidu
Kaufmann, Walter E.

"Among the vast body of literature that has grown around Rett syndrome, this volume is the first to be aimed at both clinicians and researchers."

Living like Livvy : a mother's story about the girl who refused to be defined by Rett Syndrome / By Andre Govier.
Govier, Andre

"Sara Meredith is a mother of 4 beautiful healthy girls. Her third daughter, Livvy was born healthy and developed well until just after twenty months."

The power of interactive care : there is a better way : breaking the mould of traditional disability support / Julienne Verhagen.
Verhagen, Julienne

"'Outlines eight themes which define what Interactive Care is, and the training available to become certified in it."

Autobiography on the spectrum : disrupting the autism narrative / Beth A. Myers.
Myers, Beth A.

"Autobiography on the Spectrum challenges prevailing notions about autism by offering a critically unconventional perspective—the viewpoint of adolescents who are themselves on the spectrum."

Friends like Henry : everything your family needs to know about finding, training and learning from an autism companion dog / Nuala Gardner
Gardner, Nuala

"A four-stage programme for parents and families looking to introduce a dog into their home for the therapeutic and practical benefits that can be brought to a child with autism, including dev..."

A man makes his own luck / Daniel Younghusband.
Younghusband, Daniel,

"This book is the next step in a lifelong journey towards achievement and big goals."

The art of Anne Westerskov / with words by Tauranga Writers ; edited by Jenny Argante.
Westerskov, Anne,

"'Anne Westerskov is well known locally for her exuberant artwork, popular for greeting cards and prints and always guaranteed to put a smile on your face and brighten your day."

Teaching reading comprehension to students with learning difficulties / Janette K. Klingner, Sharon Vaughn, Alison Boardman.
Klingner, Janette K.

"This practitioner resource and course text has given thousands of K-12 teachers evidence based tools for helping students--particularly those at risk for reading difficulties--understand and ..."

Te Tau Titoki : a framework for supporting people on the autism spectrum

"This framework seeks to map out the competencies required by professionals supporting autistic people within Disability Support Services funded by the Ministry of Health."

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