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Our Library is free to use and open to anyone living in New Zealand. We have information on all aspects of intellectual disability, autism and other developmental disabilities built up over many years.

Latest Books

Thera-build with LEGO : a playful therapeutic approach for promoting emotional well-being in children / Alyson Thomsen.
Thomsen, Alyson

"This book is accessible, creative, fun, imaginative, informative, sensitive, and so much more!..."

PDA by PDAers : from anxiety to avoidance and masking to meltdowns / compiled by Sally Cat.
Cat, Sally,

"This book is a collection of genuine insights and experiences from people living with PDA [Pathological Demand Avoidance], adapted from their interactions on a popular online support group."

Tales from the music therapy room : Creative Connections / Edited by Claire Molyneux, Foreword by Sarah Hoskyns, Illustrated by Robina Adamson
Molyneux, Claire

"Moving beyond progress reports, clinical assessments and practical goals, this book brings to life the reflective aspects of music therapy."

Very late diagnosis of asperger syndrome (autism spectrum disorder) : how seeking a diagnosis in adulthood can change your life/ Philip Wylie ; forewords by Luke Beardon and Sara Heath.
Wylie, Philip

"Receiving an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis as an adult can be a difficult but liberating process."

Awkward : the social dos and don'ts of being a young adult / Katie Saint and Carlos Torres; illustrated by Michelle Lund.
Saint, Katie

"AWKWARD: The Social Dos and Don'ts of Being a Young Adult breaks down family, friends, work, and community social situations to help provide tips on socially acceptable behavior in every..."

Sexuality and learning disabilities : a handbook / edited by Claire Bates.
Bates, Claire

"This brand-new edition of our best-selling handbook, brings the topic fully up to date, with legal changes, latest approaches to supporting relationships and sexuality, plus the inclusion of ..."

Learning disability today : the essential guide for support staff, service providers, families and students / edited by Eddie Chaplin, with Marian Jennings, Gill Concannon, Renee Francis, Jo Delree and Lesley Bedford.
Chaplin, Eddie

"This fully revised and updated edition of Learning Disability Today provides an accessible and thought-provoking introduction to some of the key issues in the lives of people with learning di..."

Mental health in intellectual disabilities : a complete introduction to assessment, intervention, care and support / Edited by Colin Hemmings
Hemmings, Colin,

"Now in its 5th edition, Mental Health in Intellectual Disabilities continues to address the need for a handbook which, while well-grounded in research and latest clinical practice, is essenti..."

Ten rules for delivering a diagnosis of autism or intellectual disabilities in a way that ensures lasting emotional damage : ...and maybe what to do about it / Viki Ainsworth and Jim Blair
Ainsworth, Viki

"Diagnosis of learning disabilities or autism can happen at any point in an individual's life."

More creative coping skills for children : activities, games, stories, and handouts to help children self-regulate / Bonnie Thomas.
Thomas, Bonnie,

"An incredible variety of arts activities, games, and interactive stories will suit any individual."

Human rights and social care : putting rights into practice / Sam Smith
Smith, Sam

"Sam Smith explores the development of a human rights based approach to social care, thus she contributes to the development of a culture of awareness of human rights that challenges the perce..."

Spectrum women : Walking to the beat of autism / Edited by Barb Cook and Michelle Garnett, Foreword by Lisa Morgan
Cook, Barb

"This is an edited collection that tackles a range of issues that affect autistic women, including chapters on growing up, identity, diversity, parenting, independence and self-care."

A guide to programs for parenting children with autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disabilities or developmental disabilities : evidence-based guidance for professionals / edited by Kate Guastaferro and John R. Lutzker.
Guastaferro, Kate

"This book provides a comprehensive outline of the major parent training programs for parents of children with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD), including Autism Spectrum Disor..."

D is for Down syndrome : a child's view / written by Amy E. Sturkey, illustrated by Ikos Ronzkie
Sturkey, Amy E.

"D is for Down Syndrome" is a children's picture book in an ABC format. With delightful illustrations, this book teaches typical traits that many people with Down syndrome share."

Fragile X Fred / Julia Bassell, Jayne Dixon Weber, Jeannie Visootsak, Jordana Roteman Slawin (Illustrator)
Bassell, Julia

"Look around you. Every person you meet has been molded by an intertwining of genetic information and personal experience. Fragile X syndrome is a genetic disorder that is not widely understood."

A major adjustment : how a remarkable child became a remarkable adult / Andy Merriman, with a foreword by Michael Roux Jr
Merriman, Andy

"Sarah Merriman is just like any other urbane young woman in her twenties..."

Autism and comorbid psychiatric disorders : assessment, treatment, services and supports : a thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Otago, New Zealand / Martyn Matthews.
Matthews, Martyn,

"There were two major aims to this research: (1) To examine the types of comorbid psychiatric conditions experienced by a sample of people with ASDs, with and without the additional variable o..."

Making a difference : profiles in abilities / by Daryl Rock.
Rock, Daryl

"Join Daryl Rock on his journey across Canada and through time as he brings you the stories of eleven Canadians with disabilities who have gone the distance..."

When spider webs unite : challenging articles & essays on community, diversity and inclusion / Shafik Asante.
Asante, Shafik,

"The pieces, all written by Shafik, which are presented here reflect his thinking on villaging, community, alliance building, ableism, leadership and organizing."

Creative solutions and social inclusion : culture and the community / Penny Eames.
Eames, Penny,

"This publication deals with partnerships between the social service and arts sectors."

IQ of 63 so what? : going beyond everybody else's expectations / by Ben D. Anderson ; with foreword written by Ashleigh Molloy.
Anderson, Ben D.

"This book is a must read... Ben's very thoughtful look at himself and realization that things should and could have been different..."

What it feels like / by Eva Lynn.
Lynn, Eva

""A collection of one hundred and seventy four anecdotes of living with my daughter and how she views the world totally differently from the rest of us" - BOOK JACKET..."

Dramatherapy for people with learning disabilities : a world of difference / Anna Chesner ; foreword by Sue Emmy Jennings.
Chesner, Anna

"Chesner's book explores dramatherapy as perhaps the most wide-ranging of all art forms, incorporating as it does elements of music, movement, design, story and performance, and addresses..."

Streetwise managing a nonprofit : how to write winning grant proposals, work with a board, and build a fundraising program / by John Riddle.
Riddle, John

"This handbook for non-profit management covers the basic organizational issues related to the success of non-profit operations."

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