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Our Library is free to use and open to anyone living in New Zealand. We have information on all aspects of intellectual disability, autism and other developmental disabilities built up over many years.

Latest Books

The official autism 101 manual / created and compiled by Karen L. Simmons ; edited by Jonathan Alderson.
Simmons, Karen L.

"When you need answers to your questions about anything related to autism, including early diagnosis, therapies, the buzz about vaccinations, social skills, self-esteem, planning for the future, cop..."

Can I tell you about auditory processing disorder? : a guide for friends, family and professionals / Alyson Mountjoy.
Mountjoy, Alyson

"This illustrated guide is [intended to help] children aged 7+ with APD to understand the condition, while increasing their self-esteem and confidence."

My child's got autism : don't panic / Judi Huxedurp.
Huxedurp, Judi

"This is a book that was written at the suggestion of lots of people that saw how I played with our son, created a room that made play possible, read to him, and became a 3 year old peer."

Helping your child with language-based learning disabilities : strategies to succeed in school and life with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, & processing disorders / Daniel Franklin
Franklin, Daniel

"Based on research in neuroscience, education, and the principles of attachment-based teaching, this guide for parents offers tools and practices to help children transcend language-based learning d..."

The parents' practical guide to resilience for preteens and teenagers on the autism spectrum / Jeanette Purkis and Emma Goodall.
Purkis, Jeanette,

"Building resilience and independence in young people with autism can be hugely beneficial in helping them live an independent and rewarding life."

Working with girls and young women with an autism spectrum condition : a practical guide for clinicians / Fiona Fisher Bullivant.
Bullivant, Fiona Fisher

"This concise, practical guide shows how to enable girls and young women with ASD to reach their full potential, by adopting more individualised approaches."

Therapeutic adventures with autistic children : connecting through movement, play and creativity / Jonas Torrance.
Torrance, Jonas

"Empowering readers to approach children with autism with greater flexibility and understanding, this collection of inspiring narratives shows the positive impact creative therapy has on chara..."

Sex and the single Aspie / Artemisia.

"Addressing the issues women with Asperger's face with sexuality and the single life, this ground-breaking book reveals all and blows the lid off taboo subjects for those on the spectrum."

Autism mothers speak out : stories of advocacy and activism from around the world / edited by Maggi Golding and Jill Stacey.
Golding, Maggi

"From America to Australia, and stopping off in every continent in between, these stories from mothers of autistic children highlight changing attitudes to autism."

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Practice. A comparative analysis of the role of courts / Edited by Lisa Waddington; Anna Lawson.
Waddington, Lisa

"A timely examination of 'the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities', this first thorough comparative analysis contrasts the approaches of thirteen jurisdictions to reve..."

Lost and found : helping behaviorally challenging students (and, while you're at it, all the others) / Ross W. Greene.
Greene, Ross W.

"The discipline systems used in most K-12 schools are obsolete, and aren't working for the kids to whom they're most often applied: those with behavioral challenges."

Raising human beings : creating a collaborative partnership with your child / Ross W. Greene
Greene, Ross W.

"The renowned child psychologist explains how to cultivate a better parent-child relationship while also nurturing empathy, honesty, resilience, and independence."

Lost at school : why our kids with behavioral challenges are falling through the cracks and how we can help them / Ross W. Greene, PhD.
Greene, Ross W.

"Counsels parents and educators on how to best safeguard the interests of children with behavioral, emotional, and social challenges, in a guide that identifies the misunderstandings and practices t..."

History of the North Otago Branch of the New Zealand Society of the Intellectually Handicapped (Incorporated), 1962-1988 / S.A. Muirhead.
Muirhead, Sydney Archibald

"Provides a record of the first 25 years of the North Otago Branch of IHC."

This is Gabriel making sense of school : a book about sensory processing disorder / written by Hartley Steiner ; illustrated by Brandon Fall.
Steiner, Hartley

"Provides an insight into the challenges children with sensory issues face every day at school."

Excelling with autism : obtaining critical mass using deliberate practice : an evidence-based approach / Brenda Smith Myles, Ruth Aspy, Kerry Mataya, Hollis Shaffer.
Myles, Brenda Smith

"This book introduces a new way to optimize the progress of learners on the spectrum by viewing instruction and supports from a novel perspective."

Asperger's syndrome and communication / Alis Rowe
Rowe, Alis

"This guide will cover some of the essential of good communication, as well as look at some relevant things to be aware of when the exchange is between and autistic person and a neurotypical p..."

What every autistic girl wishes her parents knew / edited by Emily Paige Ballou, Kristina Thomas & Sharon daVanport.
Ballou, Emily Paige

"What Every Autistic Girl Wishes Her Parents Knew" is the book that many of us wish our parents would have had access to when we were growing up."

My friend has autism
Tourville, Amanda Doering

"My friend Zack has a disability called autism. But that doesn't matter to us. We talk about airplanes, build models, and enjoy hanging out at each other's house."

Isaac and his amazing Asperger superpowers! / Melanie Walsh
Walsh, Melanie,

"A groundbreaking picture book, described by the National Autistic Society as "delightful ..."

Autism / Louise Spilsbury ; illustrated by Ximena Jeria.
Spilsbury, Louise

"This book explores the many aspects of Autism in a child-friendly way."

My autism book : a child's guide to their autism spectrum diagnosis
Dura-Vila, Gloria

"This beautifully illustrated picture book will help to explain an autism diagnosis to your child in a sensitive, positive and accurate way."

What does happy look like?
Karim, Joseph

"Before children can effectively deal with their emotions, they need to understand and be able to accurately label those emotions."

Squirmy wormy : how I learned to help myself
Farrington Wilson, Lynda

"Many kids have some form of SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), but who can help them overcome their daily struggles? Wait! They can help themselves!..."

Kidpower safety comics : an introduction to "people safety" for young children ages 3-10 and their adults
Van Der Zande, Irene

"In this book you will find: Directions for adults on how to introduce "People Safety" to chilren ages 3 - 10."

I see things differently : a first look at autism / by Pat Thomas ; illustrated by Claire Keay
Thomas, Pat,

"This reassuring picture book explains what autism is in simple terms."

Quinn at school : relating, connecting, and responding at school : a book for children ages 3-7 / Rick H. Warren
Warren, Rick H

"Early diagnosis and early intervention are both important factors in the lifelong success of those diagnosed."

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