IHC Member Council

The IHC Member Council was established in 2015 and has broad mandate to engage with members, families and people with intellectual disabilities. Its Terms of Reference include acting as a conduit of information between members and the IHC Board and promoting and supporting the work of Associations.

The Council can have up to 12 members appointed by the IHC Board. The Chair of the Member Council is also a member of the IHC Board.

Council Members work closely with Associations in their area and are available to act as a sounding board, attend Association Committee meetings or Annual General Meetings, to share good stories and to bring matters to the attention of the full Council.


Current members

Mark Campbell

IHC Board Member (Acting Member Council) 

Mark is a parent and has worked in the disability sector for many years primarily as Chair and Trustee of Rett NZ Charitable Trust.

He also works on the Committee of Management for Wilson Home Foundation which provide grants, respite and rehabilitation for disabled children. Mark has worked in the public and private sector as a Trustee and Director in governance positions working with government and industry organisations.

Vicki Owen

Association Chair Wellington Association, IDEA Services Board Member 

Vicki has two children and her daughter Emma has Aperts Syndrome, which includes both intellectual and physical disabilities. Vicki is a barrister and solicitor specialising in public law, and has worked for a number of government departments.

She would like the government take a more joined up approach to the disability sector. She would also like to see IHC have a broader reach within the community, particularly with families who have tamariki with an intellectual disability.

Kay Pearce

Committee Member North Canterbury Association

Kay has strong connections to many groups and individuals in the North Canterbury community. As the mother of a young man with an intellectual disability, she brings a parent perspective to the Member Council. Kay has a strong desire to be part of progressive change and to help bridge the gap between members and the organisation.

Anne Gilbert

Committee Member Wellington Association

As a parent Anne is dedicated to ensuring her younger son is a valued member of his community accessing full rights of citizenship. She has served on the IHC Board for six years and as Association Chair for several years.

Currently Anne is Transparency International New Zealand’s Public Sector Integrity Manager promoting transparency, integrity, accountability, ethics and good governance through the New Zealand public sector.

She is keen for the Member Council to effectively represent the collective voice of families and members. Thereby ensuring IHC remains the leading advocate for the rights and wellbeing of people with an intellectual disability.

Cassy Williams

Committee Member Tauranga Association

Cassy is a full-time mum to three young children, including her daughter who has Down syndrome. Cassy trained as an Early Childhood teacher and has worked in home based education as a Regional Manager, supporting caregivers and teachers in children's learning and development.

She has travelled the world extensively and has visited most corners of the globe. Returning home to New Zealand, she opened and operated an espresso bar at Mount Maunganui. Cassy brings fresh ideas and perspective and is passionate about making a better life experience for all people with an intellectual disability.

Janet Derbyshire

Association Chair Tauranga Association

Janet is a secondary teacher and the sole caregiver of her son who has Down syndrome. Her long involvement with IHC in Mana and Tauranga Associations, has also included representing New Zealand at international Down Syndrome conferences in Sydney and Darwin. She is passionate about connecting families and their young people with an intellectual disability to IHC to help ensure IHC remains a collective advocate for their rights.

Cherie McConville

IDEA Services Board Member (Acting Member Council) 

Cherie lives and works in Dunedin. She trained and commenced her career as a Registered Nurse, but has spent much of it in leadership roles in the health before moving to the tertiary education sector.

Cherie is committed to advocating and supporting the rights of people living with disabilities. Her doctorate explored sustainable business models in order to create accessible adventure for all people, no matter their level of ability. She has also contributed to disability at a local governance level on the Family Network and for Conductive Education. Cherie has two children, one of which has high and complex needs.


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