IHC Associations

IHC Associations play a big role in supporting IHC and people with intellectual disabilities in their community. IHC has around 34 Associations across New Zealand. If you are interested in local IHC activities, events and governance then get involved with your local IHC Association.

Who can be part of an IHC Association?

IHC members can be part of an IHC Association. When you become a member of IHC you can choose whether you want to be involved with your local Association or not. You can also indicate if you want to be connected to an Association other than your local Association.

Every Association is different and has its own set of priorities. Involvement is varied and you have the opportunity to influence and be part of local priorities and issues.

If you want to find out about forming an IHC Association, call us toll free on 0800 442 442 and ask to speak to our Membership/Events Coordinator or email: membership@ihc.org.nz.

What do Associations do?

The activity of an Association may include:

  • advocating for the rights of people with intellectual disabilities in their area
  • developing family networks
  • undertaking local fundraising events and deciding how to spend the proceeds
  • raising community awareness of IHC
  • monitoring service quality
  • promoting and supporting the activities of people with intellectual disabilities
  • encouraging people to become a member of IHC and to participate in our activities.

Find out more

Thank you for your interest in IHC Associations. For more information you can:

Call us toll free on 0800 442 442.


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