IHC provides advocacy support wherever there is a need to stand up for the rights of one or all people with intellectual disabilities in New Zealand. We can support you to advocate on behalf of a person with an intellectual disability or support people with intellectual disabilities to be self-advocates.

About IHC Advocacy

The IHC Advocacy Team supports all people with intellectual disabilities. You do not have to be using one of our services or be an IHC member to access advocacy support from us.

Contact the IHC Advocacy Team, they can provide:

  • information and advice on the rights and entitlements of those with an intellectual disability
  • guidance on dealing with services and agencies such as schools, health professionals and government agencies
  • guidance to people with intellectual disabilities to become self-advocates.
  • Call IHC Advocacy toll free on 0800 442 442, or email:

How is New Zealand doing for people with intellectual disabilities?

A new snapshot on quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities has found many still struggling for education, good health care and above all the ability to earn money. The findings stem from an IHC online survey in July 2017, which attracted more than 650 responses from intellectually disabled people, their families and sector workers.


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Making citizenship and rights real in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities

IHC has launched the Making Citizenship and Rights Real in the Lives of People with Intellectual Disabilities report. It outlines priorities for ensuring the 35 thousand New Zealanders with intellectual disabilities can live valued and good lives as citizens.


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IHC's Education Complaint

In 2008 IHC lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission. IHC’s complaint said that children with a range of disabilities experience discrimination at their local school. Families had told us about the ongoing difficulties where children with disabilities are treated differently to non disabled children in matters to do with enrolment, access to the curriculum and participation in school life.


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IHC Library

Our Library is free to use for anyone living in NZ. We have information on all aspects of intellectual disability, autism and other developmental disabilities.


IHC makes submissions to government to make sure that the interests of people with intellectual disabilities are considered in proposed new laws/policies.

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