What's happening across the country?

Check out what some of the people we support have been doing as part of our Fun at Home activities.

New Zealand's next pop stars


Dennis and Carol had a go at making microphones to celebrate New Zealand Music Month. Carol has also been doing some paper weaving, which she is really proud of.

Making the most of the sunshine


Andrew was taking advantage of a sunny afternoon in Auckland, showing off his great trampoline skills.

Sew sew creative!


Gail, Maree and Deborah (left to right) have been very busy with their arts and crafts during the lockdown in South East Auckland. Here they are proudly showing the finished products! They say they will remember the "stay home, stay safe" days when they look at their creations.

Keeping fit during Alert Level 2


Emma has been working hard to take part in the May Motivation Exercise competition. Her latest entry is 41 minutes of stretching and walking. Awesome work!

Some very smart cookies in West/Central Auckland


Tammy, Veronica, Coral, Andrea and Kathy all enjoyed their peanut butter, almond and jam biscuits they baked with a cuppa. The ladies have been having a cooking morning once a week throughout the COVID-19 lockdown and have a number of recipes that they have been practicing.

Summerland ladies do something different


Jane and Margaret wanted to do something different this week, so they had a look at what materials they had available and made some flowers. Each flower is unique with a different colour or pattern. Mandy was excited to see the artwork finished and up on their wall.

Walking with a friend


Carol (left) and Sarah (right) are flatmates with a close bond. They take daily walks in their local community and really enjoy the time together.

Cathy paints mandela rocks


Cathy found her Rock Art kit while she was cleaning up around the house. She was able to find some rocks in the garden which she then painted. She has since been able to get more paint and looks forward to painting some more.

Fueling for fitness


In Cornwall / South East Auckland this week, these men started off the day with their healthy breakfast of choice, followed by morning exercise before the rain set in.