Unique opportunity for artists and art lovers alike

23 November 2020


Art lovers can be proud owners of extraordinary works from artists with intellectual disabilities, by taking part in live and online auctions that are kicking off today.

The top three artworks from this year’s IHC Art Awards will be auctioned tonight, live and live online, at Webb’s in Auckland as part of the WORLD Legacy Charity Project: Artists 4 Artists event. The event also includes donated artworks by renowned New Zealand artists including, Max Gimblett and collaborators Weston Frizzell (Otis Frizzell and Mike Weston).

IHC Art Awards Ambassador and WORLD Co-Founder, Dame Denise L’Estrange-Corbet, was instrumental in making this event a reality. With COVID-19 shattering the chances of the usual IHC Art Awards gala event going ahead, Dame Denise called on established New Zealand artists to donate artworks to raise funds for the IHC Art Awards and to give winners an opportunity to enjoy a celebration of their works.

“I approached well-known New Zealand artists, and asked them if they would help with my little idea of Artists 4 Artists,” says Dame Denise. “And they all said, yes.”

In addition to artworks from established artists, the winners from the 2020 IHC Art Awards, Malachi Oldridge, Michael Nathan and Gary Buchanan, will also see their artworks auctioned at Webb’s with 100% of the sale price going directly to them.  

IHC General Manager Gina Rogers says WORLD and Dame Denise have shown a huge commitment to people with intellectual disabilities, including artists.

“The IHC Art Awards have run for 17 years and Dame Denise has been a key part of its growing success,” says Gina. “She has been generous with her artistic knowledge and time both as a public ambassador and behind the scenes with individual artists.”

The remaining top 82 artworks, including the People’s Choice Award winner, Colourful Unicorn by Katie McMillan, are currently being auctioned online on Trade Me.

The online Trade Me auctions are a unique opportunity for art lovers to get their hands on a top artwork from the IHC Art Awards, something that until now was only possible for people invited to an exclusive gala event.  

“We expect these auctions will be hotly contested. Whether you enjoy painting, photography or even woodwork, there is something for everyone,” says Gina.

Judging for this year's IHC Art Awards was done by artist Otis Frizzell, jewellery designer Boh Runga and arts and culture consultant Tim Walker.

Click here to view the WORLD Legacy Charity Project: Artists 4 Artists auction catalogue and to find out how you can bid live online.

Click here to bid on a top artwork from the 2020 IHC Art Awards in the IHC Art Awards online auction event hosted on Trade Me.