Turn and Face the People: Vocational Services Update

I am pleased to be able to update you all on the next steps for our vocational services and the opening of some day bases for some individuals.

As recently announced, we are currently undertaking a review of our services and finalising a consultation process. We know that everyone is keen to have their say and we hope to be able to outline the consultation process in the weeks ahead.

We know that people who live in our residential services are enjoying activities during the day, are getting out and about and continue to be well supported by us. However, we also know that there are individuals who usually attend our day bases who are keen for them to reopen. We know that families remain under pressure in trying to balance other aspects of their lives (such as work) with supporting their family member and we do not want families placed under additional pressure.

Therefore, while we undertake the review and consultation process we plan to provide the following options for people during the day.

For people living in our residential services

We have had great feedback about the activities being provided in our residential services and the support for people to get out and about. We have decided that while the review is being conducted people who live in our residential services will continue to receive support during the daytime from their homes rather than returning to day bases.

For people living with families (including those supported in Contract Board by CCS)

We know that many people who live with their families and usually attend our day bases are looking for our vocational programmes to resume and are in need of some service support. Therefore, we will open a small number of day bases (perhaps one in each area) and offer those individuals up to five days of vocational support each week.

In these cases we are only funded for three days vocational support. However, in acknowledgement of the pressure families are under we will continue to offer the service for the extra two days and will be talking further with Government to try to secure funding to cover the shortfall.

For people living with other providers but wanting to resume our vocational services

People who live with other providers will be offered up to three days vocational support each week at one of our day bases in line with the funding we receive. We will offer further days at an additional cost.

When will this happen?

Area Managers are working to determine which day bases will open and how the support will be delivered. If you are another provider, support someone through contract board or have a family member living with you at home you can expect to hear from one of our local managers soon.

If you have urgent questions, please feel free to contact your local manager.

Ralph Jones
IHC Group Chief Executive