Temporary closure of vocational services

We will be temporarily closing our day bases at 9am Monday 23 March 2020 because of COVID-19. We intend to run our vocational services through our homes until the serious health and safety risk is assessed at an acceptable level.

As you will appreciate, the people we support are a vulnerable population and COVID-19 poses a high risk to health and safety. We also want to ensure that our staff are safe and healthy, which is why we’re taking this precautionary move.

These are extraordinary circumstances that require extraordinary actions for a period of time and we believe that this is a necessary preventative measure.

Local managers are working through the logistics of this temporary change to ensure this is managed carefully and sensitively. We want to stop large groups of people congregating at the bases and managers will be working out how we can adapt our day programmes to be delivered through homes for a period.  

We will do our best to ensure continuity of relationships and support between staff and the people we support as much as we practically can. 

We will provide updates as they become available and the situation evolves. Please contact the local manager if there are specific questions that you have. Thank you all in advance for your understanding during this highly unusual period.   


Ralph Jones
IHC Group Chief Executive