Survey checks pulse of our sector

Are people with intellectual disabilities having their quality of life improved and how do we know?

IHC is on a drive to find out with a new survey, available now by clicking here

Its aim is to provide a broad snapshot of how New Zealand is doing on key issues affecting the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, in the wake of recent government changes.

“We are quizzing people on all sorts of areas – including education, health, work, inclusion, and money – to tell us how things are looking right now,” says IHC’s Director of Advocacy, Trish Grant.

We want input from people with an intellectual disability, friends, family members, supporters, or workers like us who are involved in the disability support sector.

“We will also take in the views of people with intellectual disabilities themselves via focus group sessions around the country,” says Trish.

The survey can be filled out until July 14. Responses will not identify individuals but will contribute to a forthcoming report being compiled by IHC Advocacy.