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May 26, 2022

It’s hard to avoid discussions about the cost of living now. The Consumer Price Index has just hit its highest level in three decades – it’s costing more and more to fill up our supermarket trolleys, our cars and, quite simply, our family members.

November 30, 2020

IHC will soon be introducing community centres in towns and cities around New Zealand.

The green light came from the IHC Board at its latest meeting in Wellington on 22 October. On the same day the IDEA Services Board agreed to make some changes to the way we deliver support services during the day.

November 30, 2020

Four young guys in a coffee cart are brewing their best coffee and learning what it takes to make a living.

Nathan Owre, Adam Faithful, Ruairidh Morrison and Callum Boyd each have a disability and haven’t found it easy to walk into jobs in Whangārei. But their coffee-cart business is giving them a shot at being employed and providing a service doing something they love.