Tax rebates made easy

July 20, 2021

Donors to IHC now have an easy way to claim their 33.33 percent tax rebates on any donation to IHC – and other charitable organisations over the past five years. As a donor you decide whether to re-gift or keep your rebate. Supporters can sign up to to do this. Although there is no upfront cost, there will be an automatic charge of 10 percent plus GST taken out of the Inland Revenue donation tax rebate to pay for this service. IHC National Fundraising Manager Greg Millar says many New Zealanders aren’t reclaiming this rebate that they are due from Inland Revenue. “This is a simple and quick way to do this. It’s also simple to choose to re-gift the rebate to IHC if you wish.”

Photo credit: Recha Oktaviani – Unsplash