Fun send-off for a tough year

December 1, 2021

It has been another tough year of lockdowns. And that came as a real blow to those of us who had hoped the worst was behind us in 2020.

At the start of November, with Auckland still in lockdown, the idea was born to run some online sessions in the lead-up to Christmas so that people could connect, try something new and have some fun.

‘Let’s give it a go’, was launched very quickly says Janine Stewart, General Manager IHC Programmes.

“We had been running some sessions for young families and thought we could extend them out to adults too.”

Throughout the past two years our generous donors, members and associations have funded technology in IDEA Services homes and for people living with families to help everyone be better connected during lockdowns.

But that tech also means we can run these online sessions.

“Right from the start there was a great turnout,” says Gina Rogers, General Manager IHC Communications. “We had people joining us from school, from day-bases and from their homes, whether it was a group of people supported in IDEA Services or individuals living with their families.”

The sessions include music, arts, exercise and drumming and all are relatively short – about 40 minutes – relaxed, informal and fun.

“It’s been a win all round and great fun for all of us,” says Janine. “The Programmes and Communications teams loved using their skills for this and our presenters are great – they clearly enjoy the sessions and make it easy for people of any ability to be involved.”

You can read more about Let’s give it a go at

And then, give it a go.