Six new homes may be the first of many for Tauranga

IHC Group’s property company, Accessible Properties, has opened six new homes in Tauranga for people struggling to find housing.

Associate Housing Minister Kris Faafoi cut the ribbon on the new development at 878 Cameron Road.

The homes are part of Accessible Properties’ plans to help address the Tauranga housing shortage, and the Minister was singing its praises.

“I welcome Accessible Properties’ latest contribution to deal with New Zealand’s housing shortage, and I acknowledge all the individuals, organisations and communities who have stepped up to respond,” Minister Faafoi said at the ceremony.

New tenant Raymond Holloway was pleased to finally see his home, which he had watched being built from his previous accommodation across the road.

The former serviceman, who is deaf, told The Bay of Plenty Times: “It’s a new lease on life.”

Accessible Properties Chief Executive Greg Orchard says the aim of the Cameron Road development is to create great-looking homes that also meet the demand and needs of the community.

“We know that we need a community-wide, multifaceted approach with great engagement with all the players involved in making places work,” says Greg.

It’s all part of Accessible Properties’ commitment to the region. Accessible Properties wants to replace 140 former state homes in Tauranga with more than 400 new townhouses and apartments.

Greg says housing wellbeing has become an urgent issue for Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty, and Accessible Properties is taking action. “We think we can make a real difference to this community, which has become one of the most unaffordable places to live in the country.”

The ambition is to increase new supply by at least 300 homes within 10 years, which would deliver a 26 percent increase in the organisation’s housing stock.

“We want to see a master planning approach – a diverse range of housing types overlooking the street and shared communal areas,” Greg says. “In addition, we are continually working to improve the quality of the housing we provide to tenants.”

Accessible Properties is also an important partner to IDEA Services and the people we support. In the past year, Accessible Properties has worked closely with IDEA Services to supply new properties or to modify properties to meet people’s changing needs and expectations.

Accessible Properties also completed 40 development or modification projects on properties used by IDEA Services or tenanted by individuals eligible for Supported Living.


Photo caption: New tenant Raymond Holloway, Gate Pā resident Teisha Paratene and Associate Housing Minister Kris Faafoi celebrate the opening of six new houses in Tauranga.


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