Segregating disabled students is against NZ’s values

In an open letter to the Education Minister, IHC has raised its concerns about the Government’s significant investment in special schools and satellite units for disabled students.

IHC Director of Advocacy Trish Grant has requested an urgent meeting with Education Minister Chris Hipkins to seek answers as to how this investment would contribute to a world class inclusive education system.

Trish says although IHC supports government plans to ensure school property responds to population growth and the need for strong networks of schools, we question whether segregation is the right approach.

“Will this further see the systemic and structural barriers resulting in unlawful discrimination, identified in our legal action under the Human Rights Act 1993, remain?”

IHC would also like to acknowledge the Government’s response to the Tomorrow’s Schools review.

“We welcome the potential to significantly advance inclusive education leadership, policy and practice so that Maori, Pasifika and disabled students previously disadvantaged have improved learning and social outcomes,” says Trish.

IHC has this week initiated a new annual survey to monitor the extent to which the policy objectives of an inclusive public education are being experienced by disabled students, their families and education professionals at the local school level.

CLICK HERE to read the open letter.

CLICK HERE to access IHC’s 2019 Education Survey.