NZDSN Publishes Employment Support Practice Guidelines

IHC congratulates New Zealand Disability Support Network (NZDSN) for the publication of their Employment Support Practice Guidelines.

The Employment Support Practice Guidelines provide a best practice guide for employers, employment support providers and the wider community outlining how to take advantage of the often overlooked employment resource that is people with disabilities.

People with disabilities want to work and when given the right support are proven to be very loyal and contributing employees says IHC General Manager Janine Stewart.

“In a recent IHC survey of the disability sector respondents told us how tough it is for people with intellectual disabilities to find long-term, paid work and the majority of people we spoke to said the situation wasn’t been improving,” says Janine.

“These guidelines are a great sector initiative to tackle this challenge head on, and have a tangible resource to provide employers and say ‘hey, we know you want to help – here’s what you can do to be part of the solution.’”

“There is more work to be done to support people with disabilities to lead satisfying work lives, but these Guidelines provide a welcome start.”

Copies of the Employment Support Practice Guidelines are available on the NZDSN website.