No more visitors to IHC or IDEA Services

IHC New Zealand is taking the COVID-19 risk to the people we support and our staff extremely seriously.

The Government has raised the Alert Level to Level 3 and we’ll be at Level 4 on Wednesday. We, like many other organisations, and in line with Government advice and expectations will no longer allow visitors to our services. We have also shut our offices, though staff can still be contacted as usual by phone or email.

It is very difficult to say to families and friends of the people we support that you cannot visit. But we are committed to our services being the safest possible places for the people we support and our staff.

There are a couple of options:

  1. If you want to take your family member home to your house then please talk to us. However, your family member will need to complete 14 days of self-isolation before returning to our services.
  2. If you wish your family member to continue to reside in our services, please be assured that we are taking every practicable step to minimise their exposure to COVID-19. Our staff are working extra hard at the moment as part of our response. But please feel free to contact them over the next couple of days as we look at ways to ensure you have ongoing regular contact with your family member.

We appreciate this is tough.

We also greatly appreciate your support and understanding at this time,

Ralph Jones
IHC Group Chief Executive