IHC Calf Scheme Photo Competition 2016

Four-year old Phoebe Bruins won the 7 years and under category with her photographs of her IHC calf Loveheart (centre) who happens to be the biggest calf in the photo. Her mother, Becky, is the winner of the 18+ category and Phoebe features in her winning photograph.

Jesse Franks, 10, Bainesse Winner , 8 -12 years

Jesse Franks, from Bainesse near Palmerston North, and Gem his calf are a pretty tight pair. When Jesse grabbed his Mum’s camera and lay on the grass, Gem couldn’t resist coming over to take a closer look. Jesse reared Gem for Ag Day at school, where he won the Livestock Improvement Corporation ribbon for his bonding with Gem. Gem is six weeks old in the photograph.

Trudy Barrow, 16, Dannevirke Winner, 13–18 years

Trudy Barrow went looking for something to photograph on the family’s Maharahara farm and lined up her brother John watching the silage contractors working on their neighbour’s farm. The view captures the Ruahine Ranges in the background. Trudy has just finished Year 11.

Becky Bruins, Morrinsville Winner, 18+

Not to be out-done by her four-year-old daughter Phoebe, Becky’s own photograph of Phoebe and puppy Bart was a winner too. Phoebe and Bart are pictured on Grandad's farm in Matamata.  The Bruins are dairy farmers in Morrinsville.