IHC welcomes increase to benefits from July 2021

Media release
20 May 2021

IHC welcomes the news that benefits will increase across the board from July this year.

Sadly, a large proportion of adults with intellectual disabilities receive a benefit as they are either unable to work or are not given good opportunities to get jobs.

Children with intellectual disabilities are far more likely than other children to live in poverty with the demands on parents time and the need for many parents to support their children’s education in a hands-on way making it hard for parents to hold full-time work.

“Putting more money directly into the hands of those who need it is an even-handed way of making a difference to people in need,” says IHC Director of Advocacy, Trish Grant.

“More money means more choice – even if that choice is between groceries, power or going to the doctor.”

IHC remains keen to hear what the Government will do to improve the lives of people with disabilities as part of the health and disability sector review.

The Government announced changes relating to the disability sector can be expected later this year.

“We hope those changes will be significant and will see a fairer system where health, education and income support link up.”

“More money, however small, in people’s pockets makes a difference – now we need the system to match.”