IHC Annual General Meeting postponed

To all IHC members
We are postponing the IHC Annual General Meeting 2021.
We had scheduled to hold this meeting in Nelson on Friday 17 September, however due to COVID Level lockdowns we do not have the confidence that we will be able to hold the meeting at this time.
We do not yet know when the meeting will be held and will monitor the situation and let you know in due course.
As per the IHC Constitution, we have until 15 December to hold the meeting, but look forward to updating you as soon as we have some plans in place.
That also means that the membership forum, due to be held on the day before the AGM, will also be postponed. Again, we will update you as soon as we are able.
We know that many people were travelling to Nelson for this meeting and some had flights and accommodation booked. Where IHC booked those for you – we will manage this. If you have any questions about this – please contact danette.wilson@ihc.org.nz or Sue.lockhart@ihc.org.nz 
Association AGMs need to be held by the end of October. We are hopeful that you will be able to hold these by that date. If you need support to hold the meetings, please talk to Danette Wilson danette.wilson@ihc.org.nz
This is disappointing and I was looking forward to seeing you all.
I am hopeful that we will be able to announce new plans soon – I will certainly be in touch.
Ralph Jones
IHC Group Chief Executive