IHC – Congratulating WORLD on 30 years

Media release
6 November 2019

IHC congratulates WORLD on its 30th Birthday and salutes WORLD’s ongoing support.

Dame Denise L’Estrange-Corbet (WORLD Co-founder) has been involved with the IHC Art Awards since 2009 and became IHC Art Awards Ambassador in 2017.

IHC is delighted that WORLD has chosen to support the IHC Art Awards with a special Limited Edition project as part of its 30th Birthday year celebration tonight.

Four pieces of chosen art work from the IHC Art Awards have been reproduced on reusable bags to be sold throughout New Zealand. Profits will go to the artists and IHC Art Awards.

IHC General Manager Gina Rogers says WORLD and Dame Denise have shown a huge commitment to people with intellectual disabilities, including artists.

“The IHC Art Awards have run for 16 years and Dame Denise has been a key part of its growing success,” says Gina. “She has been generous with her artistic knowledge and time both as a public ambassador and behind the scenes with individual artists.”

One individual artist impressed the WORLD team so much that she joined them in 2013 and has worked for WORLD ever since.

“IHC is delighted and honoured to have WORLD’s support and again, wishes them the warmest congratulations,” says Gina Rogers.