Vocational and Day Services

IDEA Services provides a range of Vocational and Day Services. We support you to learn, work and enjoy life in your community.

We work in partnership with you, your family and your community to provide more individualised opportunities. Vocational and Day Services put you at the centre of planning your programme. 

We have also implemented a range of initiatives to modernise our Vocational and Day Services to respond better to young people and their hopes for the future.

Developing new skills 

IDEA Services supports you to identify your learning needs. In some areas we provide staffed computer centres. Training is provided in Foundation Skills to prepare you for living and working in your community. Other skill development programmes are available to meet individual needs. 

Community participation 

Being a valuable and valued member of your community is important. We support you to participate in a variety of community activities. Many people are involved in recycling initiatives, planting programmes at beaches and parks, maintaining community gardens, delivering meals on wheels and Habitat for Humanity.

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