Residential Services

In our Residential Services you live in a home with a small group of people and can keep active socially.

In Residential Services you have your own bedroom in a home you share with a few others and you’re encouraged to participate in the running of your home. Regular meetings are held to discuss issues and make decisions about your home. 

Each person is given the level of support they need, including help with personal care, preparing meals or going out.

You’re able to be active socially. You might be part of a sports team or go to cafes, or the movies – whatever you enjoy doing. Families and friends are welcome and encouraged to be part of your life. 

You are also supported to access community activities and services, such as leisure, recreation and medical services, including your annual health check. 

IDEA Services is working towards providing people in Residential Services with a wider range of accommodation options, shifting from the traditional five-bedroom group homes with sleepover staff. You are given more choice and accommodation services that promote greater levels of independence.

How to access Residential Services

You first need to have a needs assessment with your local Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) organisation.

Visit our Accessing support services page for more information. 

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