Mental Health Service

IDEA Services runs a small mental health service near Wellington helping people to recover.

IDEA Services has a residential mental health and disability service, offering supported accommodation to individuals with high or complex needs with mental health challenges, intellectual disability or dual diagnosis.

The service provides around-the-clock support by staff who have the expertise and training to work with people who endure mental health issues alongside their disability.

It places value on the environment, importance of support, access to good food, exercise, social relationships, hope, human rights and being involved in our local community. Our residents take an active part in decision-making through meetings and committees.

Our objectives are also to:

  • Access medical and specialist supports in a proactive manner, while promoting health and wellbeing
  • Provide a service that operates continuous quality programs with support from great staff
  • Respond to the expressed needs of individuals by liaison with appropriate community resources that are both culturally sensitive and specific
  • Promote community understanding of intellectual disability and mental health

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