Accessing Support Services

Access disability support services through Needs Assessment and Service Coordination organisations (NASCs) or Enabling Good Lives (EGL).

The Ministry of Health (MOH) funds a range of disability support services for people who have a physical, intellectual or sensory disability, autism spectrum disorder or a combination of these that is:

  • Likely to continue for at least six months
  • Limits the person’s ability to function independently, so requires ongoing disability support

If you, or someone you support, requires support because of a disability, you need to contact your local Needs Assessment and Service Coordination organisation (NASC) or your Enabling Good Lives (EGL) Connector, depending on your region. 


What are NASCs?


Needs Assessment and Service Coordination organisations (NASCs) are organisations contracted by the MOH to: 

  • Determine eligibility for MOH-funded support services 
  • Identify your strengths and support needs and allocate services
  • Advise what disability support services are available and make referrals

The NASC process


A NASC Needs Assessor will arrange to meet with you to assess what supports are needed, what goals you have and what things are important to you. When the needs assessment is completed a NASC Service Coordinator will discuss with you what options are available to meet your needs and goals identified during the needs assessment. Your family and supporters may also be part of this process.

The NASC will refer you to a provider of the services identified as being able to meet your needs. There may be a choice of service provider but this will depend on the disability, age, what supports you are eligible for and what is available where you are living. 

Types of support available can vary across New Zealand so research what is available in your region. 

Enabling Good Lives and Mana Whaikaha

Enabling Good Lives (EGL) is a new approach to supporting disabled people that offers greater choice and control over the support you receive. 

If you live in the MidCentral DHB region you may be able to use Mana Whaikaha, which is the EGL prototype currently offered in that area. To find out more visit the Mana Whaikaha website.

There are also EGL programmes in the Christchurch and Waikato areas. To find out about these go to the Enabling Good Lives website.

If you are already using Mana Whaikaha or EGL then come and talk to us. We want to talk to you about your interests, the activities you want to do and the way you want to live your life. This could include living options, employment or recreational activities.

Please get in touch with Lorraine Cheverton on 06 353 5780 or

To find out more about the wider work and aims of Enabling Good Lives please visit the Enabling Good Lives website.

More information

Phone 0800 693 342 to connect to your nearest Centre or visit the NZ Federation of Disability Information Centres website for contact details. 

To find out more about needs assessments, visit the Ministry of Health website.

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