IDEA Services front-line manager consultation

IHC/IDEA Services is committed to ensuring the experience of our service users is of the highest quality.

The service manager role is central to our organisation delivering that high quality service as the ability of our staff to provide the support and care for service users that we expect is dependent on the guidance and support they receive from their manager.

Service managers have raised concerns with us and with E tu regarding their roles. We have been told other organisations in the sector are facing similar concerns.

We have listened to those concerns and we are prioritising making improvements to the service manager role. That is why we are evaluating the role and function of the service manager. This may also involve changes to the admin and service roles that support the service manager.

Everything is on the table and up for discussion. We are open to good ideas about how improvements can be made.

We will be meeting with E tu on Friday 15 September to discuss the roles and supports being evaluated and receive their input into the consultation process.

We have an opportunity to move ahead of the sector and be leaders within the sector. 

Staff affected will receive consultation papers from Tuesday 12 September, outlining further the evaluation process being undertaken and we look forward to hearing more of what our staff have to say.

We acknowledge that this is an uncertain time for our staff and we will therefore move thoughtfully through this process in a timely manner to give certainty to our staff.


For media enquiries please contact:

Phillip Wakefield
Communications Advisor
022 010 4437