IDEA Services – ensuring safe services during 23 June strike action

IDEA Services is working hard to ensure the safety of our services during the 24-hour strike scheduled for 9.00am Sunday 23 June till 9.00am Monday 24 June.

Considerable planning has been undertaken and is continuing to ensure we have coverage to support people in our services.

“We have been working area by area to ensure we have enough staff to keep the people we support safe,” says Joan Cowan Chief Operating Officer, IDEA Services. “Wherever possible we are using the same people to cover shifts so that there are as few new faces as possible.”

“This is no small undertaking,” says Joan. "IDEA Services supports around 3000 people at weekends though some will return to family members for the day. Managers, including me, will be in homes supporting people and National Office staff will also be involved where appropriate."

We have used the same planning process as last weekend – where we were able to cover the 12-hour strike without significant impact on the people we support.

IDEA Services remains committed to achieving a collective agreement for Support Workers and continues to participate fully in negotiations and mediation sessions.