IDEA Services – new providers likely for Home Support and Facility-Based Respite

Media Release

12 April 2017

IDEA Services is pleased to announce that it is in talks with two well regarded disability support service providers around Home Support and Facility-Based Respite.

IDEA announced in March that it was seeking to move out of providing a number of services where others were better placed to provide them.

It also announced that it would not make any moves until the people using those services had good options for quality, uninterrupted support.

“We are pleased that HealthCare NZ has shown an interest in running the Home Support services we currently provide throughout the country,” says IHC Chief Executive Ralph Jones.

“We currently provide Home Support to around 850 families and we are in talks to ensure each of those will be able to choose to move over to HealthCare NZ.

HealthCare NZ also wants to manage three of the five Respite Bases IDEA Services currently runs and Spectrum Care the remaining two based in the Wellington region. Due diligence processes to transfer respite and home support are already underway.

“From the moment we signalled an intention to move out of these services a great deal of work has been underway to ensure continuity,” says Ralph. “We know that families want certainty and we are pleased to be able to share the next step as part of our commitment to ensure uninterrupted services.

“People in some parts of the country were particularly concerned that we were the only provider in town. With HealthCare NZ, people can still receive Home Support where they do now.”

If HealthCare NZ and Spectrum Care are contracted to provide these services, IDEA Services expects some staff to choose to move over to continue to support the people they do now while others may choose to take up increased hours in other parts of IDEA Services.

IDEA remains in ongoing discussions with the Ministry of Health to ensure a smooth transition of services.