IDEA Services

IDEA Services supports adults of all ages with intellectual disabilities to live in their own homes and enjoy life as part of their communities.

Who we are

IDEA Services is New Zealand’s largest provider of services to people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Our values are: 

  • Empowerment
  • Inclusion
  • Responsiveness
  • Support

We support you to have a personal plan and achieve your goals. Your plan will be unique to you. There is no one-size-fits-all. 

Why choose us

I get my support from IDEA Services and they make sure good people support me.


IDEA Services is committed to supporting you (or your family member) to have great experiences and to take advantage of opportunities.

We will support you to set goals and achieve them.

We will support you to make meaningful connections with others and live the life you want.

We will support you to have as much independence as possible but will also make sure that’s balanced with the right support.

We are part of the IHC Group and our services are founded on IHC’s utter commitment to support people with an intellectual disability – to support you to have a good life and to be a valued member of your own community.

How we can support you

We will provide you with specialist support that may be for part of the time or all the time.

The support may include:

  • Residential Services – you may live on your own or with others and have support people with you all the time
  • Supported Living – you may live on your own or with a flatmate and may have support staff with you some of the time
  • Vocational and Day Services – what you do during the day. You may choose to go out to have fun, see friends or be part of your community, to learn something new, to volunteer, to work or try to get a job or to run your own business
  • Healthy Ageing – age-related support as you grow older
  • Specialist Services – you may have an intellectual disability but may also be looking for some extra support, perhaps for mental health


Where we have services

IDEA Services has services in most parts of New Zealand. If you would like to talk to us about our services contact your local IDEA Services area office.

How to access our services

We are largely funded by the government through the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Development. 

To access Ministry of Health funded services you have a comprehensive needs assessment, which gathers information from you and your family. These assessments are done by Needs Assessment and Service Coordination Services (NASCs) or an Enabling Good Lives (EGL) connector, depending on your region. The NASC agencies and EGL connectors assess your needs and coordinate services for you.

Visit our Accessing support services page for more information. 

Have questions?

Contact your local Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) organisation by phoning 0800 693 342 or visit the NZ Federation of Disability Information Centres website.

Find out more about needs assessments on the Ministry of Health website.

If you have any questions, contact your local IDEA Services office.