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Hot Issues is an electronic newsletter produced independently for the IHC advocacy team. The newsletter covers education, current political developments, submissions, family concerns, disability topics and events.

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IHC Hot Issues - March/April 2018

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • Join the conversation about reviewing our education system

  • Schools in crisis trying to support students with diverse learning needs

  • New Employment Support Practice Guidelines launched

  • Calls for repeal of Funded Family Care

  • UN Committee releases ‘list of issues’ for New Zealand Government

  • Consultation on Terms of Reference for Royal Commission on Historical Abuse

  • Killing prompts review of disability services

  • Autistic teenager kept in mental health unit for a year

  • Election Access Fund Bill to be debated

  • Self-advocates make video for World Down Syndrome Day

  • Community member vacancies for the Mental Health Review Tribunal

  • Over use of anti-psychotics for autism

IHC Hot Issues – January/February 2018

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • Census may lead to a lower reporting of disability
  • Royal Commission into historic abuse announced
  • Mental Health Review
  • Eliminating seclusion, reviewing restraint
  • Disability delegations and briefings to incoming ministers
  • New initiatives on inclusive and special education
  • Deportation reprieve for young disabled Fijian man
  • People with autism who have experience of criminal justice system sought for research

IHC Hot Issues - November/December 2017

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • IHC survey reveals quality of life concerns for NZers with intellectual disability
  • Call for more housing for disabled people
  • Maxim Institute finds barriers to employment for people with disabilities
  • New Minister Carmel Sepuloni responds to concerns
  • New MPs’ maiden speeches on disability
  • Ombudsman’s report on Ruru Special School
  • Disabled men lose High Court case
  • Mothers write book about discrimination against their disabled children
  • Survey on assistive technology
  • Outdated term ‘Mongol’ causes offence
  • Immigration Tribunal overturns Immigration decision on autistic boy
  • International Disability Day 3 December
  • Seacliff: remembering our history through musical theatre
  • 2017 Attitude Awards


IHC Hot Issues – September 2017

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • A decade on, IHC’s complaint about the education crisis is still waiting
  • Desperate need for help for children in early childhood education
  • Negative attitudes can hamper help for disabled Pasifika children
  • Ministry of Social Development and ACC using fake names in correspondence with clients
  • Thankyou Mojo Mathers
  • How well did the election work for voters with learning disability?
  • Teenager sedated in locked mental health unit now has permanent home
  • Increasing use of sanctions in our welfare system
  • Online UK course to improve working relationships between disabled people and personal assistants

IHC Hot Issues - August 2017

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • Election forum Tuesday 5 September, Wellington
  • Gaps in early intervention
  • Drop in public satisfaction with special education
  • Roll out of Bay of Plenty Learning Support pilot
  • Statistics NZ survey shows more support needed for disabled people
  • Research reveals the hidden costs of disability
  • New Bill disappoints pay equity advocates
  • Supreme Court rules that relief carers are not employees
  • More support for young carers
  • UN plea for inquiry into historic abuse
  • Auckland DHBs drop disability representatives
  • IHC pays tribute to Colin Meads
  • IHC library after-hour book returns to Wellington Public Library

IHC Hot Issues – July 2017

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • People with intellectual disabilities missing from mental health announcement
  • Lack of secure forensic units for people with intellectual disabilities
  • Addressing the historic abuse of disabled children in State care
  • Ageing parents of disabled adults
  • Grandparents raising grandchildren poorly treated by Work and Income
  • Cabinet Paper on Disability System Transformation released
  • Transforming Respite 2017-2022
  • One child with Down syndrome ordered to leave NZ and another case reconsidered
  • Stats NZ proposal for disability statistics risks making ID invisible
  • Ministry apologises for wrong answer on ORS funding
  • Predictive risk modelling and decile funding
  • Wellington Forum on Supported Living

IHC Hot Issues - June 2017

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • Tracking progress - Valuing All: leave no one behind
  • IHC Service Changes
  • Update on IHC education complaint
  • Support Staff Day marked by calls for more money to pay teacher aides
  • Election forum, Wellington, 13 July
  • Claim to extend pay equity to more support workers
  • Research finds large numbers of disabled people have poor housing conditions
  • Brain-injured teenager in police cells for three days
  • Another disabled child excluded from NZ
  • Preventing Elder Abuse
  • Budget 2017 and disability
  • Forum for Support Workers
  • Minister’s tweet makes news

IHC Hot Issues - May 2017

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • Disabled children excluded from NZ
  • Children’s Commissioner’s State of Care report
  • Sector Update from the Ministry of Education on new learning support projects and pilots
  • Parents and schools battle for special education support
  • Student Rights Service helpline
  • Autistic teenage boy committed to mental health unit
  • Nelson Marlborough DHB commissions review following death of disabled person
  • Self-care resource kit for parents of disabled children under development
  • Disabled woman who feeds the homeless becomes homeless
  • Disability Connect advocacy courses and support groups in Auckland
  • Disability Matters Conference, Dunedin, November 2017: Making the Convention Real
  • Review of disabled people led monitoring for CRPD
  • New Statistics New Zealand on-line tool for disability information (but not yet ID)
  • Call for inquiry into abuse in Australian group homes
  • Research shows shared home ownership is good for disabled people
  • 2017 IHC Art Awards

IHC Hot Issues - April 2017

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • Disability ‘system transformation’
  • Carers win big pay increase
  • Changes for IDEA Services
  • Inclusive Education news
  • Support for ageing parents worried about the future of their disabled adult children
  • New Government agency to provide surveillance on vulnerable people
  • Teenage boy with Down Syndrome held in mental health unit
  • Claims pregnant women encouraged to terminate Down Syndrome babies
  • Robert Martin at the United Nations in Geneva
  • A blood test for Autism?
  • They work for us election kits

IHC Hot Issues - March 2017

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • Deaths of those with ID often incorrectly recorded
  • Disability support system to be ‘transformed’
  • Government response to Education and Science Select committee inquiry disappoints
  • Education for All petition handover
  • Children’s Commissioner wants disability screening for all five year olds
  • Disabled people more likely to live in cold damp houses
  • Ashley Peacock gets international attention and another incarceration case revealed
  • Proposed new design and framework for Ministry of Health’s DIAS and NASC
  • Ministry of Health developing new Respite Strategy
  • Health and Disability Commissioner inquiry into those who cannot give informed consent
  • Access Alliance established
  • Government gives first ‘social bond’ to Australian provider

IHC Hot Issues - February 2017

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • ‘Never again’ campaign calls for inquiry into historic abuse
  • New Ministry of Health guidelines to prevent abuse
  • Second killing of an autistic young woman by mother
  • IHC makes submission on seclusion amendment
  • Lack of post-school options for disabled young people
  • Accessing support from Work and Income gets even harder
  • Yes, there is a mental health crisis
  • Are we sleepwalking into a world without Down syndrome?
  • General Election 2017 and advocacy for intellectual disability

IHC Hot Issues – January 2017

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • Urgent action needed to improve the health of people with intellectual disabilities
  • School principals need more Government support to make inclusion a reality
  • Education (Update) Amendment Bill Supplementary Order Paper on seclusion and restraint
  • Children, Young Persons, and their Families (Oranga Tamariki) Legislation Bill
  • Many early childhood education services substandard
  • Latest case emphasises lack of services for young people with complex needs
  • Time for change – addressing the issues in New Zealand’s mental health system
  • New Human Rights Toolkit for Australian disabled women and girls
  • Australian disabled workers finally win fair pay
  • 10 interventions for families to encourage their child’s autistic neurodiversity

IHC Hot Issues – December 2016

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • New NZ Disability Strategy launched
  • New Bill is victory for disability advocacy
  • Unfair Funded Family Care legislation highlighted
  • More school seclusion rooms revealed
  • Safeguards needead for online schools
  • Dunedin School Principal’s open letter to Government to ‘Help our children’
  • Education for All? Best Practice and the Community Voice forum
  • Child poverty rates remain high - disabled children start life with disadvantage
  • New contracts for community organisations will require handing over client details
  • Statement on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities at UN General Assembly
  • United Nations report on New Zealand’s children

IHC Hot Issues - November 2016

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • Select committee finally publishes report on dyslexia, dyspraxia and autism
  • New Ministry of Education seclusion and restraint guidelines
  • Youthlaw questions use of seclusion
  • Education For All rally in Auckland
  • Autistic Nelson boy receiving only four hours of education a week
  • Consultation on Te Whāriki Early Childhood curriculum
  • Families in Otara missing out on Child Disability Allowance
  • Supreme Court to decide employment status of respite care workers
  • Calls for inquiry into historic disability abuse

IHC Hot Issues - October 2016

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • Seclusion rooms in use in several schools
  • Increase in ‘informal removals’ from schools of students with special educational needs
  • Education for All petition
  • Feedback required for Ministry of Health’s respite review
  • Depression and sleep problems common in adults with autism
  • People’s review of the mental health system
  • Optional Protocol for the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities comes into force
  • Human Rights Commission review of Seclusion and Restraint
  • What is a home? Workshop with Michael Kendrick
  • Immigration denied to disabled child

IHC Hot Issues - September 2016

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • Education for All Rally at Parliament 22 September 4.30pm
  • Youthlaw report finds educational barriers for disabled children
  • Does the Ministry really think early intervention will cure impairments?
  • Visit of UN Special Rapporteur on Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • ‘A Life for Ashley’ Petition presented to Parliament
  • New Zealand needs a new constitution to uphold disability rights
  • NZ disability providers say system in crisis
  • Supported decision-making resources available
  • Amy Street – a documentary web series
  • New Zealand ASID conference, November, Wellington
  • Kia Noho Rangatira Ai Tātou Human Rights and the UN CRPD – free education programme
  • Mourning disabled people killed in Japan

Hot Issues August 2016

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • What is going on in Education?
  • Learning support resources to shift from older to younger students
  • Autistic boy expelled from pre-school
  • Communities of Online learning (COOLs)
  • Salisbury School fights closure
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Guideline updated 
  • What statistical ‘Enduring Questions’ do we need to ask about disability? 
  • High Court hears institutional abuse allegations 
  • Enabling Good Lives evaluation
  • Union to appeal decision that respite care workers are not employees
  • Outdated medical codes in Work and Income forms
  • Quality jobs elusive for beneficiaries
  • Workability International Conference in Auckland 

IHC Hot Issues - July 2016

Inside Hot Issues:

  • Making citizenship and rights real in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities
  • A Life for Ashley Petition and other “cruel, degrading and inhuman” cases
  • Win for paid parent carers
  • Join the Conversation for a new Disability Strategy Part
  • Optional Protocol of the CRPD will mean individuals can take complaints
  • IHC Advocacy’s submission to Social Security Rewrite Bill
  • Homeless family has four disabled children
  • Lack of post-operative care for boy with Down Syndrome

IHC Hot Issues - June 2016

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • New Zealander Robert Martin elected to United Nations Committee
  • A life for Ashley
  • Changes to out of home placement for disabled children
  • Ombudsman responds to IHC request for data on involuntary sterilisation
  • Court case to improve funding for respite carers
  • Family threatened with prosecution unless son sent to residential special school
  • Disability stocktake: new data released
  • Disability protests against movie ‘Me Before You’
  • Submissions sought for Parliamentary Inquiry into Captioning

IHC Hot Issues May 2016

Inside Hot Issues:

  • IHC makes case for strengthened New Zealand Disability Strategy
  • 2016 Budget and disability issues
  • Neurodisabilities Forum exposes unmet need in prisons
  • Social Security Legislation Rewrite Bill provides legal basis for welfare system
  • New Margaret Mahy playground will now be accessible after protests
  • Ministry of Education Special Education Update – questions welcomed
  • Assistance dogs are essential technological support for some disabled people
  • Australian Support Group established for LGBTI people with intellectual disability
  • Feedback sought on residential services

Hot Issues - April 2016

Inside Hot Issues:

  • Challenging the Minimum Wage Exemption
  • Will the CYF review improve the lives of disabled children?
  • Are schools ‘demonising’ children with challenging behaviour?
  • Join the Conversation to update the New Zealand Disability Strategy
  • Will revised New Zealand Health Strategy benefit people with intellectual disability?

IHC Hot Issues - March 2016

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • Better advocacy needed for our children and young people
  • Changing school decile rating: warnings from ‘special’ education.
  • Boy shifts 500 kilometres for inclusive school
  • Teacher aides in most poorly paid occupational group
  • In-between travel settlement for home support workers
  • Inquiry into the future of New Zealand’s mobility needs

IHC Hot Issues - February 2016

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • Why do we still lock up disabled people in seclusion?
  • Immigration New Zealand Declines Residency for Disabled People
  • Unveiling of Memorial to Forgotten Patients at Tokanui Hospital
  • Back to Court for Payment for Years of Caring
  • SENCO Survey Reveals Unmet Need for Diverse Learners
  • Does Attack on Elderly Disabled Man Reflect our Attitude to Disability?
  • Disability Makes Life Harder for Refugees

IHC Hot Issues – January 2016

Inside IHC Hot Issues:

  • Disability Strategy and Action Plan updated
  • New National Care Matching Service launched
  • New Year Honours for services to disability
  • Ministry of Health’s Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Plan
  • New series of IHC Workshops for 2016
  • Sib Shops in Wellington in March
  • NGO Health and Disability Network seeking positive video clips to highlight work
  • State care abuse claimants suing Government
  • Zika virus can cause intellectual disability
  • Christchurch’s Margaret Mahy playground not disability-friendly
  • Students with disabilities not allowed to type school work
  • Invercargill special school’s isolation room causes concern
  • Teacher laments reduced support for students
  • Australian court denies parents bid to sterilise disabled daughter
  • Australian Senate Inquiry into disability abuse and violence
  • Is screening sperm donors for autism eugenics