Financial Help

Financial Help

Financial help is available for people with disabilities and their families.

Information about financial help available from Work and Income can be found at or Freephone 0800 559 009.

Many benefits can be applied for online or you can ask for an appointment to see a case manager.

The Work and Income website provides information about current benefit rates and limits. Some benefits and allowances are income tested.

If you are meeting with a Work and Income staff member for the first time you will need to take the following documents to your meeting:

  • Birth certificate
  • Personal identification such as a bank card, passport, driver’s license, Real Me or 18+ card
  • Bank account details
  • A letter from Inland Revenue with your IRD number on it

If you are applying for the Disability Allowance and/or the Child Disability Allowance, your doctor must fill in part of the application form. You will need to take this to the meeting with Work and Income.

If you are applying for the Disability Allowance you will need to provide your income details and verification of the additional costs incurred due to the disability.

If you are concerned that Work and Income staff members do not understand your disability requirements ask for a Work and Income Disability Advisor to be involved.

Documents you might need