Community engagement workshops underway

As part of the National Services Review, we will be holding approximately 50 community workshops around the country by May 2021.

We recognise that no two communities are the same, and so it is crucial that we understand what is important in your area. Our goal with these workshops is to develop a localised approach for people with intellectual disabilities.

I’d like to thank everyone so far who has participated in the four workshops that have taken place already in South/East Auckland, North Canterbury, Hutt Valley and Tauranga/Mount Maunganui.

It has been a great opportunity to hear from families about what their top priorities are and how we can incorporate that into future plans. We also intend to gather input from people we support and staff.

Each workshop is facilitated by Connect+Co (external consultants) and, in most situations, is co-hosted by the local Area Manager and Association Chair.

We will be collecting all of these great ideas over the next six months or so to pick up on the main themes that we will then feedback to families.

We are still looking at specific dates for next year’s workshops – a list will be provided soon.

I look forward to keeping you updated.

Joan Cowan
Chief Operating Officer, IDEA Services