Change to medication branding - Lamotrigine

This information is provided to prompt follow up discussions with individual’s GP’s.


Many people we support have relied on the medication Lamictal for epilepsy or mood disorders. This brand has now been changed by Pharmac and the new brand name is Logem. This has affected 25mg, 50mg and 100mg tablets.


For most people, this will not affect the way they manage their epilepsy or mood disorders. For some people, it may not work as well and result in a change in their epilepsy and seizure patterns.


If you or someone you support is using Logem, please do the following:

  • Observe for any change in seizure type, time, frequency.
  • Report any change in usual patterns and seek medical advice with the GP.
  • Observe any changes in mood if prescribed for mood disorder and seek advice from the GP.
  • It may be possible for some individuals to stay on the original brand of medication if it is either clinically indicated or if they self-fund. The GP will advise for these individuals.


Information sourced from bpac NZ.

Confirmed on Pharmac website - effective from Tuesday 1 October 2019.