Workshops and Training

We offer workshops that are suitable for parents,adult family members or professionals who support a child/young person with autism. The workshops are two hours long and there is no charge for parents and family members (professionals are welcome and the charge is $65 per person).

Creating Visuals

Learn how to develop visual strategies for children, and young people and how to use them to assist their understanding of daily routines, choices and rules. Learn how to use visual strategies to provide directions and instructions and increase independence and motivation. Suitable for parents, family members or professionals who support a child/young person with autism.

Using Stories to Help Social Learning

Learn how to write social stories to help your child or young person so they understand rules, expectations and prepare for changes or events. Social stories combine visuals and language that the person can understand and relate to. It is a great tool for parents or professionals that can be written ‘on the go’. Suitable for parents, family members or professionals who support a child/young person with autism.

Introduction to Autism

Learn what autism is and how it presents in different people. Suitable for parents, family members and anyone working with or providing support to children and youth with autism. 

Supporting Bonding & Attachment

Bonding forms the basis for social and emotional development. We will introduce parents to support learning through their parent-child relationship. This workshop is suitable for parents of children/young people up to 19 years with autism who maybe struggling to engage in connection and family life, whom may need support with social interaction and expressing emotions/feelings.

Introduction to Understanding Behaviour

All behaviour happens for a reason. This mini workshop will assist you to find the answers to the following:

What is behaviour? What influences behaviour? How can we change a behaviour? 

Suitable for parents/primary care-givers and any professionals working with children with challenging behaviour.

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Calming Strategies for Children with Autism

Set children up for life by teaching them how to self-calm in a mindful way. This practical workshop looks at how breathing, movement and sensory exercises can be fun and relaxing while improving well-being. Families who have tried these mindful techniques have been surprised and grateful that their children have learnt these skills early in life. This workshop is suitable for adult family members and professionals who support children/young people up to 19 years with autism.

Social Play

What children do in play influences how they grow into adulthood. This practical workshop will provide an overview of how play is an integral part of child development. We introduce how to guide your child in play and plan a successful play date. Suitable for parents/primary caregivers of children with autism up to 11 years old who may be isolated and/or having difficulty sustaining friendships.

Anxiety and Autism

Gain insight into how anxiety may affect your child/young person with autism and recognise the signs of stress. Identify basic tips and tools to reduce the impact of stress on your child/young person. Suitable for parents, family members or professionals who support a child/young person with autism and anxiety.

More Information

Cost: For professionals there is a charge of $65 per person.

There is no charge for family members and primary caregivers. Please register if you want to attend.


Phone: 0800 273 7587

Attendance: The workshops are designed to provide parents and caregivers with information to support their child/young person with autism. The workshops are not suitable for a child/young person to attend.

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