Growing up with Autism

The Growing up with Autism programme is designed to increase parental knowledge and skill in supporting their adolescent with autism. It is a 20 week evidence based education programme for parents/caregivers of adolescents aged 11-16 years old who have a diagnosis of autism.

About the programme

Growing up with Autism works with up to two members from a family for 20 weeks and over that time families will attend 10 group and 10 individual sessions

  • The programme covers a wide range of topics over 10 modules including: Development; Socialisation; well-being; School and Communication.
  • Groups are small with only four or five families and are scheduled in main centers only.

What does it cost?

This is fully funded by the Ministry of Health so there is no charge to families.


Who will benefit?

Parents/primary caregivers of adolescent teenagers (11-16 years old) with a diagnosis of autism who want to increase their knowledge and skills including:

  • learn more about the developmental stages of adolescence and the changes it brings
  • gain information on evidence based interventions
  • meet other local families
  • share experiences and learn from each other
  • learn about wider support services


Registrations for this programme can be made by families directly or through a health professional on behalf of a family, with their permission.

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More Information

Contact the ASD Programme Coordinator


Phone: 0800 273 7587

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Specialist Services

The programme is run by Community Specialist Services, part of IDEA Services. Our team of facilitators are all very skilled and experienced specialist workers who have experience in supporting children/young people with autism. 

Government Programmes

Through IDEA Services, our Community Specialist Services team provides three fully funded Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Programmes for families/whanau and caregivers of children and young people with autism.