ASD Plus

Increasing parental knowledge and skill in supporting their pre-school child with autism.

What is offered?

ASD Plus aims to increase parental knowledge and skill in supporting their pre-school child with autism. It is person-centred and individualised and participants learn about autism in relation to a range of topics over seven modules. Our team of facilitators are skilled and experienced specialist workers who have experience in supporting young children with autism and their families.

ASD Plus is delivered over seven modules covering a wide range of topics including: communication, learning, stress, behaviour and planning for the future.

ASD Plus can be delivered via group sessions, individual sessions, or by distance learning. This flexibility allows us to meet the needs of people in rural and isolated locations, and to better cater to cultural and language needs

All of these options come with follow-up support for families, to help with using these skills at home.

Who will benefit?

Parents, family/whanau, caregivers of preschool children (up to 6 years old) who have a probable or confirmed diagnosis of autism who want to increase their knowledge. We encourage all key adult family members to participate.

Registrations for this programme can be made by families themselves directly or through a health professional on behalf of a family, with their permission.

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More Information

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Phone: 0800 273 7587

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The ASD Plus programme is designed for parents and primary caregivers to increase their knowledge and skill in supporting their preschool child with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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