Arts Therapy

Supporting your child to express, share and grow their potential (Available in Auckland)

Why Access Arts Therapy?

Are you worried about your child or teen? 

Does your child or teen…

  • Often play alone?
  • Find it hard to make or keep friends?
  • Get bullied?
  • Struggle with their identity or accepting their diagnosis?
  • Talk about themselves in a negative way?
  • Have low self-esteem?
  • Have trouble managing their big emotions?
  • Battle with feelings of anger, anxiety or depression?
  • Find it hard to express how they are feeling?
  • Grieving a loss and talking therapy hasn’t worked?
  • Find it hard to calm themselves down?

These are the common concerns parents contact us about. 

As a parent we ultimately want our child to be happy, have friends and be independent. Often children with ASD, ADHD, intellectual disability, developmental delay or those who have experienced trauma and/or loss can find it difficult to develop friendships, be independent and feel good about themselves.

Many of the parents we talk to, have found that engaging in an action based therapy has supported their child to engage and develop skills to then generalise into their daily life.

We provide a specialised arts therapy service that supports children of all abilities, developmental stages and including those who are non-verbal. The one to one sessions are tailored to each child’s unique strengths and interests.

How Arts Therapy Helps?

Arts therapy is an effective way to engage kids who have communication difficulties and learn in a different ways because it is:

  • Visual
  • Sensory
  • Action based 
  • Creative
  • Provides an alternative way of communicating
  • And it is fun! 

Areas of Focus in Therapy Might Include:

  • Developing social and friendship skills (all ages and stages)
  • Problem solving bullying 
  • Recognising and understanding their emotions (self-awareness)
  • Practicing expressing how they are feeling (self-expression)
  • Developing strategies to help them manage their emotions and finding ways to feel calm (emotional regulation)
  • Exploring their Identity – who am I? What are my strengths?
  •  Understanding their diagnosis and their strengths 
  • Increasing their self-esteem and confidence 
  • Positive self-talk
  • Working through grief and loss
  • Managing anger
  • Overcoming depression
  • Managing anxiety
  • Processing trauma 

Contact us to set up a free meeting to discuss how we can support your child or teen.

What is Arts Therapy?

Arts therapy uses art, drama, play, music and movement to support self-expression, child development and well-being.  Goals are individualised for the young person and their needs.

Arts therapy is a professionally registered and regulated profession. We are required to abide by the standards of professional practice and codes of ethics. We hold a Masters Degree and have completed clinical hours under qualified supervision.  

What does it cost?

$110 per session (45mins – 60mins, inc GST)

Where appropriate external funding options can be discussed.  Options include WINZ disability allowance for counselling and grants from charitable trusts.


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Contact us to book a FREE initial meeting to discuss your child’s strengths and difficulties and the areas you would like to support your child.

More Information

This service is only available in the Auckland area.

For all enquiries contact 0800 273 7587 


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